Pummeled by the post-op!

Which is the kind of title I was shooting for last week when discussing the aftermath of TYG’s surgery.
TYG came pretty much to her usual level of energy over the weekend so I didn’t think the surgery would have much effect on my writing schedule. My mistake. For the first couple of days this week, she still needed me to drive and do a few other things she felt a bit too dizzy to undertake. Nothing unreasonable, but enough to throw me off my personal timeline. I’d finally caught up on my eHows by Thursday (that was all I had time for, almost) but then I sunk into a funk over not getting any fiction done which slowed me down again. Plus I hit a couple of eHows Friday that it turned out I couldn’t do. Figuring that out wasted a lot of time.
End result: Made my personal quota of eHows, and one Raleigh Public Record story——it turns out Libya’s new prime minister used to attend NC State and that was pretty much it. Oh, plus making some changes to Love That Moves the Sun before posting it for the writing group to review next week.
Frustrating, but after a relaxing Friday and a fun Saturday, I’m feeling better. That’s the nice thing about weekends, they can wipe the slate clean (even though I fully intend to make up the lost fiction time).
As for eHows:
•Android: What Is Sticky Broadcast?
•What Does Mic Mixing Mean on a Stereo?
•Documenting Breach Risks
•What Is a Zoom Ratio?
•How Does Google Content Marketing Work?
•How to Calculate Hardware Capacity
•The Advantages of Layered Software
•What Are the Benefits of Multi-Core Processors for Computer Programming?
•What Are Attribute Keys?
•How to Route Between Network Segments
•What Are the Differences Between a Preamplifier & a Low Noise Amplifier?
•Computerized Polygraph Instruments
•History of KSI
•What Is Quick Look Helper on a Mac?
•How to Detect a Bad Cable With Wireshark
•The Native Contrast Ratio in Plasma TVs
•What Are Ajax Pages?
•How to Know If Someone Hacks Into Your Android Phone
•What Is the Meaning of the Duty Cycle of a Printer?
•How to Simplify Your Network
•How to Make a Pattern in C++ Code
•Why Have Multiple Rails in a Power Supply?
And while I have your attention, some links:
•As a codicil to my post about rape apologist Charlotte Allen, Feministe shows why Allen’s thesis that rapists target young hot women doesn’t hold up.
•The Daily Howler reminds us of the absurdity of the “Congress has borrowed against the Social Security trust fund! Therefore, Social Security is bankrupt!” argument.
•A grim discussion of the abuse women get online.
•A priest in Texas insists that Catholic politicians have to vote the way the Catholic Church tells them too. Actually he seems horrified civil authorities, Catholic or otherwise, won’t accept Catholic doctrine as the basis for sound policy (on gay marriage, in this case).
•Glenn Greenwald discusses the brutal death toll of our drone attacks in the Middle East. A follow-up article quotes an American who meet a teenage Pakistani non-terrorist, pro-American boy——who was blown up by a drone the next day.
Particularly telling is this reference from a WSJ article: While some attacks target individuals who’ve been identified as terrorists (and with our government, I’d take even that with a grain of salt),”Signature strikes target groups of men believed to be militants associated with terrorist groups, but whose identities aren’t always known. The bulk of CIA’s drone strikes are signature strikes.”
In short, we’re killing people the CIA hasn’t identified but thinks are terrorists anyway. What could possibly go wrong with a policy like that?


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