Teeth aside, things went well

Back in February when I went in for my first dental exam here, I discovered I’d accumulated 9 cavities along the way (I blame my high Diet Coke ingestion of recent years). I had the worst filled back in February, then came back this week for the rest.
Based on past experience I decided not to schedule any work the rest of the day. Good decision: I could have forced myself, but I really wasn’t inclined.
Otherwise, the week went well. My revised schedule isn’t working quite as well, so I adjusted it——earlier lunch, working later——to try and keep myself sharp. Overall, it worked (it turned out one eHow I thought was trouble because I was slowing down turned out to be because it was a very technical economics topic. I finally threw it in.
Mage’s Masquerade and the Eye of White Cathay are still very rough, but as with Doom-Tripper last week, I’m getting a sense of who the characters have to be to have a workable plot. Hopefully the progress will continue in the next drafts.
Brain From Outer Space is up to 20,000 words on the current rewrite and it still looks like it’s progressing okay. At the same time, I still have the nagging feeling that there’s something wrong with the pacing, that the action doesn’t really start until about 60,000 words. However,the changes accumulate as the story progresses, so I’m going to keep going for another 10,000 words and see if the revisions help. If not, I’m not sure what to do (but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be having this feeling if there wasn’t a problem).
And that’s pretty much it. Other than going to dinner at a fellow writer’s house with some of the rest of our group. He has a novel in progress and wanted feedback, and this seemed better than reading a chapter every so often at group; I intend to do the same with Impossible Takes a Little Longer soon.
And now, the ehows of the week:
•What Is a Transaction List in Accounting?
•The California Anti-Deficiency Statute on Deeds in Lieu
•Does a Trustee Have to Give a Beneficiary a Copy of the Trust?
•Can Excess Roth IRA Contributions Be Transferred From My IRA to My Spouse’s?
•Joint Tenancy With Rights of Survivorship and Estate Tax
•The Tax Credit for Out-of-State Income in Georgia
•How to Calculate Accounting for Intangible Assets
•Tax Treatment of a Converted IRA
•Does the IRS Have Your W-2s on File?
•What Degrees or Requirements Do You Need for a Veterinarian?
•Do I Report Sales Tax on a Cash Basis or Accrual?
•Legal Realism in Business
•Can the Executor of a Will Also Be a Beneficiary Without Dividing Among the Heirs?
•After the Death of Your Mother or Father, Can a Sibling Live in the House If It’s Not in His Name?
•Can a Lawsuit Put a Lien on a Trust?
•Things to Do When Someone Dies With a Revocable Trust in Florida
•Does an IRA Distribution Count Against AGI for Student Loans?
•The Forecasting Model Approach to Company Expansion
•Can Your Employer Take Away Benefits Without Informing You?

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