Economic notes.

•Echidne of the Snakes dissects Ron Paul’s thoughts on healthcare and finds them lacking. And as she’s pointed out elsewhere, the argument that nobody is denied healthcare because E/Rs have to provide it ignores that a)this is very, very, very expensive compared to other approaches and b)E/Rs only do this because the government mandates it.
Here Echidne points out that America’s heroic “job creators” who supposedly win big rewards because they take big risks are still complaining that they need certainty to create those jobs.
•Colorado Springs steps back into the dark age. Literally——one third of the street lights have been turned off to save on the budget. Unsurprisingly, a local businessman insists the solution is to slash employees’ pay.
•Matt Yglesias reminds us what a real Communist class-warfare political agenda would look like. Suffice to say, it doesn’t look much like Obama (it includes, for example, slashing taxes on farmers and wage earners).
•The Daily Howler, in this and other posts, has been hammering the lie that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme or that if the trust fund runs out, Social Security will be bankrupt (there will still be money coming in, enough to pay roughly 80 percent of benefits). He’s also slamming the media for getting the facts wrong, fudged or unclear (as the case may be).

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