Blame Weinergate on his wife. Oh, and the cavemen

According to Vicki Larson on Huffington Post, the Anthony Weiner affair is partly wife Huma Abedin’s fault: She should have known better than to marry a goodlooking man. Because she did, evolution made the affair inevitable.
Larson’s arguments:
•Successful women want high-quality men, including quality looks. And since relationships are happier when the woman is better looking, that’s a mistake. She chose a guy other women wanted and she paid the price!
•But she couldn’t help it because we’re driven to pick mates based on evolutionary factors dating back to cavemen days: “We’re drawn to guys like Weiner because they have good genes we can pass on to our kids. The downside is that we take a huge risk on whether he’s going to be sexually faithful to us.”
In point one, Larson seems to be raising one of the hoariest undead sexist cliches: Women are just too damn picky! Usually it’s that if they’re too picky, they’ll die alone (as in the cliche about 40-year-old women having better chances of dying from terrorism than finding a man). And sure enough, Larson asserts that wanting a husband who’s handsome, successful and a good father is a hopeless trap that successful women fall into (the idea that successful women slit their own throats in romance is another cliche).
As for the evolutionary question: What exactly is it about Weiner that would make him a prime caveman love machine? His hunting abilities? His skill at fighting off warring tribesmen? If our instincts for finding mates date back to the caveman days, wouldn’t Huma Abedin be driven to a muscular young greasemonkey than a 46-year-old politician? What Weiner has to offer seems to date from a more recent era of human history, when money and status matter more than raw brute force and skill.
Besides, if good-looking men are such a horribly bad investment, wouldn’t evolution naturally push women toward average joe’s? That would seem to pay off in the long run.
I’ve seen a lot of arguments asserting that men, too, are hardwired to pick mates who are young and hot (and sleep with as many of them as possible) but curiously, I’ve not seen many (or any) articles suggesting mean are making a terrible mistake giving in to their supposed evolutionary urges. Instead, the articles run more to justifying why ugly women deserve to die alone: It’s nothing personal, it’s a law of nature.
It’s almost like … like a double standard for judging the sexes. Wow. Who could have imagined that?
(For a bonus, here’s a look at right-wingers being shocked, shocked and appalled over Weiner, Abedin and anything else they can think of).


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