Republicans continue treating women as incubators: abortion links.

“Rather than introduce a fresh bill, they gutted an unrelated measure on child safety and then inserted 46 pages of abortion restrictions. ” — from an article on North Carolina’s new abortion ban. It’s bad (no surprise) and Sen. Tricia Cotham, who just switched to Republican, has thrown away her solid pro-choice record by voting for it. Among other details “People would also only be allowed to get a medication abortion until 10 weeks of pregnancy, and to get one, they would have to go to three separate, in-person appointments that are 72 hours apart.”

Two other Republicans who said they wanted to stick with current law switched and voted for it; another didn’t show up at all. Rep. John Bradford responded to reporters’ questions by not answering and blathering about liberal propaganda.

That particular point is noteworthy because “anti-abortion activists know that so long as abortion pills—and accurate and reliable information about how to use them—remains widely accessible, their entire crusade is doomed to fail. ” No wonder they want mifepristone outlawed. And they’re increasingly fighting abortion providers by resorting to criminal tactics.

The American College of Pediatricians is anti-abortion and anti-trans and as a Wired article shows, full of shit: “Most of the College’s research had been ‘written by one person,’ according to minutes from a 2006 meeting, which were included in the leak. The College was failing to make a splash. In the future, one director suggested, papers rejected by medical journals ‘should be published on the web.’ The vote to do so was unanimous (though the board decided the term ‘not published’ was nicer than ‘rejected’).” Shakezula has more.

Despite the right-wing touting adoption as an alternative to abortion, Marjorie Taylor Greene dismisses a stepmom’s opinion because she’s not “a biological mother

Exceptions to abortion bans typically don’t amount to crap. In Tennessee, for instance, a woman with a life-threatening pregnancy still couldn’t get an abortion.

The Montana Supreme Court has ruled the state constitution protects abortion. Republicans just passed multiple abortion bans anyway. Over in Oregon, Dems have the votes to pass abortion-rights and other legislation but Republicans simply walk out so there’s no quorum. In Ohio they’re engaging in elaborate gamesmanship to keep an abortion-rights measure off the ballot.

“She told her friends Slaton drove her home the next morning, stopping at a drugstore so she could obtain emergency contraception. Slaton at one point proposed to penalize the use of emergency contraception, including what is known as the Plan B pill.” — from an article about Bryan Slaton, a Texas state legislator who supposedly hates groomers but had no trouble hitting on an intoxicated 19-year-old staffer.

On a sort-of up note, the South Carolina legislature has been debating a ban on abortion after conception but women in the legislature, including pro-life Republicans, have blocked it. So that’s a point in their favor but on the other hand, two of the Republicans were fine with a six-week ban.

Over in Louisiana, rape and incest victims testified in support of a rape and incest exceptions to the state’s abortion ban: “Some Republican committee members got up and left in the middle of witness testimony.”

NC’s misogynist Lt. Governor Mark Robinson thinks mass shootings are punishment for abortion. It’s always abortion or gays with religious conservatives, never that the US doesn’t beat its swords into plowshares or usury or that rich people don’t give enough to the poor. I wonder what he’d say about a Texas man murdering his girlfriend after she got an abortion. Then again, I don’t really want to know.

For more on forced-birther arguments and why they’re bullshit, check out my Undead Sexist Cliches, available as a Amazon paperback, an ebook and from several other retailers. Cover by Kemp Ward, all rights remain with current holders.


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  1. Joe Colombo

    Trump supporters are becoming muslim, sharing values, fearing fags, already accustomed to howling Arabs in their churches.

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