AI and other science and tech topics.

“People have reported the voice of their loved ones being recreated to perpetuate scams. Start-ups have emerged that scrape the internet for high-quality speech samples and bundle hundreds of voices into libraries, and sell them to companies for their commercials, in-house trainings, video game demos and audiobooks, charging less than $150 per month.” — from an article about how AI may kill voice actors’ careers.

What effect will AI-generated images have on porn?

AI deepfakes are hurting women already but some women are doing their best to fight back.

The flip side: some hustlers have figured out how AI can help them work two salaried jobs or more.

A new food safety law was supposed to avoid sesame-contamination (it’s an allergen) the same way companies avoid peanut contamination. Instead, some companies just add sesame flour to food.

Using Excel for genetics data is not a good approach.

“When relocating, villagers face a choice of either leaving behind the bones of ancestors, or exhuming them and taking them to the new site. Either choice is deeply traumatic.” — an excellent look at the physical, financial, social and spiritual challenges Fiji faces moving villages to escape climate change.“New swarms of satellite constellations, such as SpaceX’s Starlink, threaten to outshine the real celestial objects that capture astronomers’ interest—and that humans have admired and pondered for all of history.”

Water is scarce in parts of the west, and IT data centers suck it up.

“The problem was that the most efficient way to win baseball games under the rules as they existed turned out to be highly inefficient for the purpose of entertaining the spectators and TV audiences who make major league baseball major.” — on how baseball managing has come to resemble AI.

“The products shown in targeted ads were, on average, roughly 10 percent more expensive than what users could find by searching online. And the products were more than twice as likely to be sold by lower-quality vendors, as measured by their Better Business Bureau ratings.”

#SFWApro. Covers by Werner Roth, Jack Kirby, Nick Cardy, Mike Sekowsky and Carmine Infantino. All rights remain with current holders.

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