Assorted links about writing and other creative fields.

What intimacy coordinators do.

It’s common to mock Very Special Episodes of TV shows but they have an effect on viewers.

Although largely, forgotten, W.B. Yeats’ sisters Elizabeth and Lily helped shape Ireland’s sense of national identity. The Porter Sisters, once titans of historical fiction, were likewise written out of literary history.

“As a legitimised vigilante, the bounty hunter as a character can sit in a kind of Lagrange point between the pull of the heroic individualist and the pull of authoritarian imposition of order.” — Camestros Felapton on the appeal of bounty hunter characters.

A 1953 ruling on the limits of parody using copyrighted material obviously didn’t kill parody, but it’s still interesting.

More recently, the Onion filed an amicus brief in a parody case.There’s a legend that Wonder Woman’s one-time mentor I Ching got his name from an error. It isn’t true.

How do we define Native American art? Who gets to make the call?

Ex-President Man-Baby has threatened to sue the Pulitzer Prize Board for awarding prizes to exposes about him. The board is unimpressed.

The ongoing decline of print newspapers’ comics sections.

Heck, an entire newspaper vanished from the Internet a few years ago. Or, as noted at the link, powerful people got it removed.

For some music lovers, Spotify is a flop.

“The problem is not so much the act of appropriation in and of itself, for what is a writer’s job but to imagine the lives of others … the problem is the system that limits who gets to do the imagining.”

“There is something about sex and sexuality that threatens to strip away the context of performance even as it strips the clothes off of performers”

“We dabble a little bit in the ‘90s—which sadly was such an awful decade for music. You have to cherry pick the songs because we don’t want to play a bunch of sappy ballads and we don’t want to play a lot of rap.” — from an article on why oldies stations don’t play 1990s music much.

Yes, recipes still matter.

Diversity comes to The Nutcracker.

One Journey band member wants a fellow ex-member to stop playing their songs at Trump rallies.

An AI-created comic does not qualify for copyright. The US Copyright Office that might change someday.

How do you define panettone and who gets to decide?

The history of unobtanium.

Gerry Conway admires the difficulty of creating a simple image.

Hollywood still keeps trying to adapt unfilmable books.The Vampires Everywhere comic-book in Lost Boys never existed —  but the publisher that produced it did.

Den of Geek strongly objects to the Ian Fleming Estate’s plan to rewrite offensive elements in the Bond books. A wheelchair-user says even if you change the language, you can’t eliminate Fleming’s attitude toward the disabled.

#SFWApro. Wonder Woman cover by Mike Sekowsky, rights to images remain with current holders.

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