Florida man …

As John Scalzi might say, a lot of what follows is performative with little chance of becoming law or withstanding legal challenges. But not all of it, and it says a lot about what DeSantos and Co. think is a winning performance for their Republican fans.

According to Florida Republican Joe Sansone, if you get the covid vaccine “go home and hug your pregnant wife—she can have a miscarriage through skin contact …The injections meet the legal definition in the state of Florida as a bioweapon.” Based on this bullshit argument with zero evidence, he wants Florida to ban the vaccine. Funny how quickly they moved on from vaccines being a matter of personal freedom (except to get sick).

And Florida Governor Ron DeStalinist’s new bill would ban women’s studies and gender studies at state colleges and ban spending money on anything “espousing diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

A professor was fired after one phone call saying he teaches racial justice in class. Unfortunately the media are still focusing more on Liberal Campus Cancel Culture than right-wing repression.

DeSantis’ control of higher ed is also quite profitable for those he favors.

A new Florida bill would make it easy to sue news media that use anonymous sources, and accusing someone of sexism or racism is automatically defamatory. Screaming “groomers” at people as DeSantis and PR flak Christina Pushaw like to do? Not automatically defamatory. Go figure.

Even with fetal abnormalities that justify an exemption under Florida’s abortion ban, women can’t get abortions.

Despite DeSantis and Pushaw pointing fingers and screaming groomer at anyone who challenges DeSantis’ Don’t Say Gay policies, Republicans are shocked — shocked — that Trump accuses DeSantis of being one: “These faux tough guys decided that literally anyone in America can be smeared as a groomer: teachers, drag performers, children’s hospital employees, anyone. And that’s fair game. But the moment Trump suggests DeSantis might have done something untoward, they flop on the ground like French soccer players begging for a red card. ”

I’m glad I don’t live there any more, though NC Republicans would love to follow in his footsteps.

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