Sexism and misogyny do not make for a healthy democracy.

It’s a common theme in liberal discussion online that as nations move to the right, women’s rights disappear. Rewire suggests the opposite: our democracy is weaker because it’s failing women.

Either way, it can get worse: women can still legally cross state lines to get an abortion and for some Republicans that’s a problem. I’m sure they’d be down with Poland’s new policy of government-tracked pregnancies. Or red states may go Dred Scott and try imposing their laws on blue states.

While it’s not as horrific, that Republican dominated legislatures in Florida and Mississippi are ordering women legislat0rs not to bare their shoulders feels sexist as hell.

Marital rape is illegal in all 50 states but some rapists still exploit loopholes.

For many right-wingers, the issue is still a non-existent war on masculinity. My favorite bit at the link, Jim Geraghty of National Review explaining that even when men play videogames or argue online, they do it in a very manly way, not like those chicks do. Maybe he means stuff like this?

Abortion is still legal in much of the country. Forced-birthers want to change that. And yes that includes the life-of-the-mother exemption. The life and health of women are already at risk — and exceptions to abortion bans are rarely granted.

Right-wingers still sulk that liberal women won’t bang them.

“That’s right: I totally stuck it to the patriarchy to please a male authority figure.” — from a WaPo article on the challenge of raising a feminist daughter.

“When it was time to face down Goliath, [He] sent David. Not Davita, David.” — NC Lt. Governor Mark Robson and why men get to be the boss.

Revenge porn is a problem, even for teens.

Then there’s the number of women who can’t afford pads or tampons — a discovery that convinced one young woman to work against period poverty.


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