The “Christian nation” and other religious links

Even the people who want to make the USA a Christian nation don’t agree on what it will be like or how to get there. Although I suspect they’d all agree with this extremist that violence is an option. And I’m sure they’ll agree that you can’t be Christian and a Democrat (or a liberal). Bullshit artist Milo Yiannopoulos calls for reinstating blasphemy laws as part of creating that Christian nation. Dennis Prager insists you can’t have a functioning society not based on the Bible. Charlie Kirk is all in on a Christian America.

Small wonder anti-Semitism is on the rise. When you start invoking the terrible threat of George Soros, you’re not sliding into anti-Semitism, you’re there. In the end, a lot of conspiracy believers wind up anti-Semitic. Partly that’s because it’s not taboo these days: “There is less shame. People feel they can say and do anything,”

“After characterizing the vast majority of American Jews as lacking obligations—and as thus having no affirmative duties of consistency or integrity—seemingly because the Jewish conception of religious authority is not the Christian one, Blackman makes egregious legal errors that should worry adherents of any minority faith and nonbelievers as well.” — a look at a legal argument Jewish beliefs aren’t substantial enough to get First Amendment protection when they clash with Christianity.

One good sign we’re not a theocracy yet: the Christian baker who refused to bake a cake with trans-flag icing colors has lost in court again.

The federal government provides millions for HIV prevention, with emphasis on treatment for gay men, communities of color and the transgender community. Tennessee says no. Not nominally for religious reasons, but I know how I’d bet. Ditto South Dakota declaring it will prosecute pharmacists who provide abortion medication.

Just how did the Jews interpret the Biblical verse that says thou shalt not suffer a witch to live?

Back in the 1960s, Tim LaHaye, late light of the religious right expressed outrage that a Christian college would mourn the death of Martin Luther King (the right wing hated MLK, then as well as now).

Want to join the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville. You have to sign a pledge to fight LGBTQ rights. Right, we can’t have “sinners” in a good Christian church (sarcasm font). Christian attorney Matt Staver is asking for donations to fight gay rights — I guess his anti-vax fundraising grift has run out of steam. But the religious right still wants you to think they’re the ones being persecuted.

When it became impossible for the Southern Baptist Convention to ignore the abuse scandal, they tried to shift concerns to critical race theory (didn’t work). Here’s one example from their ugly history.

“The Southern Baptist Convention must have realized it was dealing with highly explosive information. For years, it denied keeping a list of abusers. That turned out to be a lie. By August 2018, staff at the Executive Committee had a file of 585 possible abusers. But the purpose of that internal list was institutional self-protection from lawsuits.” — from a WaPo report.

Some former members of People of Praise, Amy Coney Barrett’s sect, argue that church has its own abuse problems.

“Speaking of people of faith is about as coherent as speaking of people of politics, as if for example fascists and liberal democrats are united at some fundamental level by the fact that they have strong beliefs about politics”

How Christianity turned so toxic.

Speaking of toxic, I presume Trump’s declaration he’ll punish doctors for providing trans care and “promote positive education about the nuclear family” is reminding the religious right that if they elect him again, he’ll have their back.

“There is no moral truth, only alternatives,” isn’t the other side of Paprocki’s argument. It’s simply his self-serving, inaccurate, willfully ignorant caricature of the opposing side.” — Slacktivist looks at the conservative Christian whine that they, and only they have moral truth on their side.


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