Tucker Carlson’s words aren’t worth the paper they’re written on

Fox News’ favorite white whiner has a scoop: the reason Barack Obama is speaking out about Tyre Nichols, AKA “America’s latest fake hate crime,” because Michelle Obama is a “crazed narcissist” who’s “never had a real job” and is now getting old and menopausal. So Barack being in the public eye lays the groundwork for Michelle’s presidential run.

This is a perfect example of projection, the right-wing impulse to see themselves in everything. Carlson spews endlessly about the hate crimes and oppression he imagines directed at white people. He’s a narcissist whose “real job” is sitting on TV, the center of attention, spewing whatever bullshit enters what passes for his brain. Just as he imagines Michelle O. getting insecure and needing reassurance of her worth, he’s a sniveling man-baby who’s insecure and terrified that someday having a white skin, a penis and a ton of money (he’s heir to the Swanson’s frozen-foot fortune) won’t endow him with quite as much privilege as he feels now. Because at some level he knows that without his privilege he isn’t worth crap.

Not that I have strong opinions about him or anything.

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