Dinosaurs, Elon Musk, belief in science and other science/tech topics

Were dinosaurs warmblooded or coldblooded? It’s both!

Reptiles are more social than we imagine, perhaps even falling in love.

It’s hard to get reproducible results in social science experiments, but that’s not always a sign the research is wrong.

“The Hyperloop, a concept Mr. Musk revived based on a proposal from the 1970s, calls for moving passengers through vacuum tubes at around 700 miles an hour. Despite an influx of investor interest, no commercial system has ever been constructed.” — from a Wall Street Journal article on Boring, Elon Musk’s tunnel-building, which the article concludes deals mostly in vaporware.

NYT looks at how OnX, an app that maps the boundaries of public and private land, has led to disputes over land access and property rights.

” “Believing in science” — in an appropriately nuanced and sociologically skeptical rather than naively credulous way — is in fact a left wing position in this country at this time. Anti-science pig ignorance and bigotry is in fact a right wing position in this country at this time.”

Here’s a weird bit of bad science: a couple of fundamentalists ranting that drinking beer is bad because it makes men effeminate.

How the consensus that tech platforms shouldn’t be liable for what users post shattered in the 21st century.

DNA testing makes it possible to breed more dangerous, harder-to-handle bulls for the rodeo, the New York Times says: “The improvement in bulls presents a challenge to riders, who are produced the old-fashioned way.”

“It’s actually impossible to buy the same bra I had in high school for the same price. It’s simply more expensive to produce now than it was then.” — a look at why everything from printers to lingerie has become more inferior, more disposable.

#SFWApro. Covers top to bottom by Jack Kirby, Bernard Bailey and John Romita; all rights remain with current holders.

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