Bomb cyclone-mageddon is here!

Yes, I know, the name doesn’t click like “snowpocalypse.” Maybe I’ll run it by some beta-readers.

Temperatures plummeted like a stone in late morning. Even a brief hail.Then the power went off about 2.5 hours ago. So in about 90 minutes all the food in our fridge (cheese, kefir, veggie sausage) ups and dies. Our freezer has until late morning tomorrow. Given they have yet to assign a crew, I suspect a lot of food will die. And of course we can’t cook anything. I do have some dry cereal and dried fruit but that’s not the best fare. And if the power’s not on tomorrow, no tea!

And the cats are out in the freezing cold, which worries us. They’ve survived nasty weather before but it gets down to 10-12 degrees tonight. And the power is also off to our heated shelter. At least we and the dogs are indoors and can pile on blankets. Hopefully they’ll show up before night falls, though Snowdrop may refuse to come in.

Don’t get me wrong, this is more a pain in the butt for us than a crisis. But it’s quite a large pain in the butt. Even so, it’s Christmas weekend and while I’m feeling annoyed, I’m here with TYG and the dogs and I’m definitely not feeling miserable.I’d blog about writing but I’m using my phone as a mobile hot-spot and don’t want to drain it too much. So I’ll just say it went well and leave it at that.

{UPDATE: Power came back in the nick of time to save the food! Merry Christmas to us!)



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