Hate is now their brand

As you’ve doubtless heard by now, Ye, AKA Kanye West, has declared his love for Nazis and thinks we should get over that whole WW II/Final Solution thing. Enough already! He and white supremacist Nick Fuentes recently had dinner with Donald Trump.

This is not at all shocking. It’s been obvious since Charlotteville that Trump’s fine with anti-Semites and Nazis as long as they kiss his ass. But it’s telling nobody in his party wants to object either. Rising anti-Semitism, increasing risk of violence against Jews? Still not going to take a stance that might alienate neo-Nazi Republicans or Jew-hating Republicans, any more than they’ll take a stance against anti-gay violence (see here too). Not even when the Jew-hating gets to synagogue of Satan levels.

Plus, of course, some of the Republican leaders hate Jews and gays themselves. And they don’t want to defy Trump.

Which means more violence and threats of violence. The white supremacists become more part of the mainstream, just another viewpoint. They say Jews deserve to die, Jews disagree, can’t we be civil about it?

As for the courts, the Supreme Court looks poised to strike its umpteenth blow against nondiscrimination … based on bullshit. And Tucker Carlson embraces bullshit with the great replacement theory yet again.

And that’s the 21st century Republican Party: those who are filled with hate and those who will happily cater to hatemongers. And they’re also down with petty spitefulness: if Ted Cruz were a Democrat, I’m sure they’d treat his daughter’s apparent suicide attempt with the same mockery they gave the assault on Paul Pelosi. After all, Rush Limbaugh once called Chelsea Clinton, at 12 years old, a dog. Cruz asking people not to mock or tear into his daughter or his family is legit in this situation, even if he’d never do the same.

They’re also the party whose leader demanded we terminate the constitution because he lost in 2020. And once again, Republicans aren’t condemning his remarks. It’s odd for someone who’s not in power to demand we end constitutional rule because let’s face it, he doesn’t want Biden to be the one who proclaims martial law. He knows that flawed as Democrats are — we’re human, we’re flawed — our side is still committed to the rule of law. And as discussed in the comments here on Raphael Warnock’s win, our national candidates aren’t as crappy, either.


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