It wasn’t an attack on Paul Pelosi

No, I’m not joining the crackpots who claim the recent assault on Paul Pelosi, Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s husband, was a spat between gay lovers. But as TYG pointed out when the news hit, while David DePape put Paul Pelosi in the hospital, his appearance at her house was an attempted attack on the Speaker of the House. Like one of the men hunting for Pelosi on 1/6, DePape had a bagful of twist ties. It appears he was trying to kidnap or assassinate Rep. Pelosi; according to his own statement he intended to break her kneecaps as a warning to Congress.

I think it’s important to identify his target because this wasn’t just some crazy, it was a deliberate political attack. DePape planned on waiting for Speaker Pelosi to return home, and he had a list of other targets. He was a Qanonite and an election denier, someone immersed in right-wing anti-Democrat, anti-liberal rhetoric.

So as usual, the right wing insists nothing they’ve said about how Democrats are evil, pedophiles, Satanic, etc., etc. could possibly inspire violence. Tucker “White Power” Carlson insists there’s no such thing as hate speech. Or the real violence is against conservatives. Alex Jones paved the way with his claims about Sandy Hook; now there’s nothing they won’t write off as a false flag. Anything to ignore the obvious, that DePape “Is a member of a violent right wing movement that’s trying to destroy this country’s democratic institutions and create a one-party state.”


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