A trip to the library/Has made a new man out of me

(Title is a line from the musical She Loves Me).

Last weekend was, of course, Thanksgiving weekend, and I had a great time. It’s rare to have a big block of time as a staycation and it was incredibly relaxing (for TYG too). Thanksgiving dinner, as usual, was at Parizade, a local restaurant that hosts a massive, and extremely tasty, vegan meal. I managed to stop at the point of complete fullness without going over, despite the temptation to eat more, more, and then more.

Saturday, as our date for the weekend, TYG and I went to Durham’s new main library. It closed for remodeling a few years ago which broke us of the habit of regular visits — I hit a closer branch library instead — and when it reopened it was during the pandemic. But we kept saying we should go check it out, and finally we did. And damn, it looks good.Plus some of my books are in the catalog, which is pretty cool.#SFWApro

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