Links about women and the damage done to them

“If the vulva as a whole is an underappreciated city, the clitoris is a local roadside bar: little known, seldom considered, probably best avoided. “It’s completely ignored by pretty much everyone,” said Dr. Rachel Rubin, a urologist and sexual health specialist outside Washington, D.C. “There is no medical community that has taken ownership in the research, in the management, in the diagnosis of vulva-related conditions.” — NYT article on the lack of medical interest in the clitoris.

“At an amateur contest in 2009, she placed fourth and was surprised that it was taking so long for her to earn her pro card. When she asked why, she said, a prominent judge told her: ‘Because you didn’t come to my room last night.'” — female bodybuilders speaking out about harassment in their sport.

“And considerable gaps in death exist based on geography, too, with women who live in rural communities about 60 percent more likely to die from pregnancy complications than their urban counterparts.” — from a WaPo piece about how Dobbs is making the availability of rural ob/gyn care worse.

“An Indiana doctor who provided an abortion to a 10-year-old rape victim has asked a judge to stop the Indiana attorney general from accessing patient medical records as part of an investigation into consumer complaints her lawyers have called a “sham.”

Kentucky voters rejected a constitutional amendment that would have eliminated any right to abortion found in the state constitution. The state’s forced-birther AG insists there’s still no such right. Over in Tennessee, the law doesn’t offer a life of the mother exemption — doctors can cite it as a defense though — and forced birthers like it that way: “The burden of proof, the onus, is on the doctor to prove that he or she was in the right.”

“All of this comes as right-wing commentators scrabble through the detritus of last week’s elections, and have concluded that the real problem was … cat-owning single women.” Because the days when that might encourage Republicans to modify their polices are dead and gone — it has to be the women’s fault for defying them!

Even by the standards of crackpot anti-PP conspiracy theories “Planned Parenthood gives out contraception so they can make that money back with the higher number of abortions that ensue” is some seriously deranged stuff. And no point does this thread begin to approach a more coherent or empirically grounded thought.” — LGM on National Review‘s latest right-wing bullshit recruit, Alexandra DeSanctis Marr. And no, they’re not distorting her positions.

“Policies that center women do not exist in this world. They are inconceivable in the sense that minds in this world cannot contain or consider them. It’s an inability to imagine that women contribute particular ways of looking at policy, due to their history and circumstances. Women are allowed to be in the conversation but not of it.”

”I don’t think you’re having children any time soon,” — Marjorie Taylor Greene on why older women’s pro-choice views don’t matter. In contrast to all the men writing these laws who are going to pop out a baby, I take it?

“The FDA’s approval of chemical abortion drugs has always stood on shaky legal and moral ground, and after years of evading responsibility, it’s time for the government to do what it’s legally required to do: protect the health and safety of vulnerable girls and women,” — the rationale forced-birth groups are offering for suing in a right-wing district court to ban the morning after pill. Never mind that abortion is safer than giving birth.

I discuss more misogynistic bullshit in Undead Sexist Cliches, available as a Amazon paperback, an ebook and from several other retailers. Cover by Kemp Ward, all rights remain with current holder.


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