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“hat’s where this weird little story gets really interesting and challenging. Because Abraham is a righteous man. And what does the righteous man do? The righteous man pleads for Sodom.“‘

No, Biden’s state department defending the rights of non-Christians around the world is not the same as promoting atheism. But lies that liberals and Democrats hate God — even with lifelong Catholic Biden at the helm — are a Republican reflex.

And here’s another reflex, Lauren Boebert blaming her husband’s indecent exposure arrest was the woman’s fault.

Newt Gingrich claims liberals are the real theocrats: “it’s a cult of environmentalism, it’s a cult of transgenderism. It’s a cult of income redistribution. You’ve got a whole list of things. It’s a cult of anti-white racism.” Gingrich became an irrelevant loudmouth when he left office, but it seems were stuck with him.

“The defendants were also accused of trying to illegally break away from the denomination to keep Stocker in the pulpit.”

Jesse Lee Peters, a right-wing misogynist preacher who condemned Brett Kavanaugh for having too many daughters, is virulently anti-gay. At least publicly.

Another day, another Christian minister groomer. Another grooming pastor has won $2 million in a lawsuit over guards beating him up in prison. Depressingly it seems he was on the right side in that case.

Senator James Lankford used to direct youth programming at Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center. After a statutory rape case there some years back, he claimed that 13 year olds such as the victim can be consensual sex partners. Um, no.

Some pastors and church officials accused of assault or harassment have a simple solution: sue the accuser.

“They encountered a climate more like Lord of the Flies, where staff were given free rein to restrain and beat students, and where some kids were emotionally and sexually abused. They claim Agapé has functioned like a “cult” and “Christian torture compound” for decades, allowing adults to manhandle teenagers and withhold food, water, and proper clothing.

“The priest had gotten my home phone and talked to my dad prior to me getting home and telling him what was going on,” Pfisterer said. “And I got beat for lying to him. And so, I never said another word to anyone.” — one of the stories coming out now that California has temporarily suspended the statute of limitations in sex-abuse cases.

Anti-gay activist Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council has now registered as a church: it’s “no longer required to file a public tax return, known as a Form 990, revealing key staffer salaries, the names of board members and related organizations, large payments to independent contractors and grants the organization has made. Unlike with other charities, IRS investigators can’t initiate an audit on a church unless a high-level Treasury Department official has approved the investigation.”

“‘Preying on the poor is Bad’ is not a shared moral premise and won’t be received as one” because for right-wing Christians the Golden Rule isn’t enough.

So if Arizona Republican candidate Jerome Davison truly believes his claims the Democrats are giving birth to Antichrist, what does he imagine he can do about it? If the prophecies in the Book of Revelation are coming to pass, electing him or re-electing Trump ain’t going to do squat against the will of God that the end times begin. I’d never suggest a religious man is lying to get votes from suckers, but — okay, I’d totally suggest that.

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