A remake of Lady In A Cage (1964) starring Wisp!

So last Saturday it was that day we worry about every year: time for Wisp to get her annual checkup.

Not that she shows any signs of ill-health, but she’s an indoor/outdoor cat who doesn’t always show up in the mornings. Even if she does, we have to find some way to get her into a pet carrier or cage. We made the appointment a month before her annual checkup was due precisely to give us time if we had to make a backup appointment.

As it turned out, it was easy. She came in that morning. I scattered a few kibbles in the cage, she stretched to reach them, I picked her up and dropped her inside, closing the door before she could bolt. She tried clinging to the bars with her rear foot, but she lost.

Then it was just sitting for two hours, listening to her pitiful meows for mercy and freedom.I tried putting the sheet over her cage to calm her. It didn’t work and she kept clawing at the sheet until most of it was inside the cage with her.

In the past they’ve doped her up at the vet before examining her. This year, their new vet asked if she’d be okay to handle without anesthetic. I said they could try it. I also agreed to come in so Wisp could have some moral support from her human. To my surprise, once they bundled her in a towel she was pretty compliant.Maybe having me there helped.

The results? Bloodwork good, vaccines all injected and she’s only 9.5 pounds or so. TYG had worried Wisp was getting heavy but it must have been winter fluff on her coat.

This threw my Saturday schedule way off. With anesthetic it usually takes a couple of hours before we pick her up. I’d figured on using the time to get some shopping done, but instead I wound up sitting at the vet for 45 minutes or so, then taking Wisp home, then feeding her. But she’s my cat, so she comes first. And not being anesthetized means we can let her outside without having to worry she’s too zonked to defend herself. Instead, she sat and waited for the rest of her breakfast, which I provided.

Snowdrop’s turn comes in about three months. I hope it’s as easy.


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