Guns, abortion and other hot topics

“[Texas Governor] Abbott has doubled down on his stance that mass shootings are an issue of mental health and not gun access following the Uvalde massacre. However, in April, Abbott slashed nearly $211 million from the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), which oversees mental health services in Texas. Abbott diverted the funds to add to his effort to send National Guard to the Texas-Mexico border, currently known as Operation Lone Star. No other Texas agency received a more significant cut than the HHSC when Abbott slashed funding.”

The Texas state government is willing to take action, however, when companies don’t do business with gun makers. And DeSantis vetoed $35 million for a new Tampa Bay Rays facility because they donated to a gun violence-prevention group. Nevertheless, a number of Abbott donors are pushing for restrictions.

Why do we let children buy firearms?

Trump Jr. babbles even more gobbledygook than usual about how what happened in Uvaide is not a gun problem. Because he could have killed all those people with a machete or a baseball bat, right! Um, no, the reason people pay upwards of a thou to own an AR-15 is because they’re way more effective at this sort of mass killing.

“The brand of heroism that enables someone to advance on a gunman is more rare than Hollywood would have us believe.” — David Von Drehle on the challenge of heroism. “A strategy for curing the epidemic of mass shootings that depends on the presence of a calm, collected, gun-slinging hero in every classroom and pew is doomed to fail. Such people are rare — even among graduates of police and military training.”

Ted Cruz storms out of an interview after questions about school shootings leave him flustered.

Better gun-spotting tech isn’t the answer to preventing shootings.

Lauren Witzke, right-wing racist liar, blames Uvaide on a government false flag operation. On the plus side, Alex Jones’ efforts to file bankruptcy and escape those Sandy Hook lawsuits has failed.

Peter Thiel puppet Blake Masters — it seems he has more than just J.D. Vance — says the reason for gun violence is simple: black people.

“The circumstances that make a mass murder of fourth graders possible are inherently political. The legal access to the weaponry involved is political. The most visible people refusing to see these things as political happen to be elected to political office. ”

“Even if I caused an accident, and the victim is bleeding out, and only my blood can keep them alive — I still have the right to say no. I have the right to choose whether or not to donate my blood.” — Jim Hines on why coerced pregnancies are an immoral idea.

Some Texas cities are passing laws that forbid their residents from getting abortions anywhere. The advantage of Republicans stuffing the courts with forced-birth judges is that these laws will probably pass constitutional muster.

Jacky Eubanks, a Trump-backed Michigan state Senate candidate, says she supports banning all contraception because sex should only be between married couples. Of course, married couples use contraception; I suspect her distaste for “consequence-free sex” has more to do with it (see here and here for more)

Some businesses are offering to pay for employees who need to leave the state for abortions. The Texas legislature is not happy.

How trying to arrange for an abortion leaves a digital trail.

Austin, TX is looking at ways to protect city residents from Texas abortion bans.

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