Assorted political linkage

Abby Johnson is an anti-feminist who got some attention in 2020 for saying only the head of the household should vote — which (as covered in Undead Sexist Cliches) is one of the standard excuses sexists offer for why women not having suffrage is justifiable: the man, as head of the household, voted for his family.

Which is bullshit. Widows who headed households couldn’t vote. Single women couldn’t vote. Single men with no household could vote; sons living with their parents could vote; younger brothers living with  wealthier brothers could vote. But she’s also a devoted forced-birther who recently declared her enthusiasm for executing ob/gyns who perform abortion (I’m unclear whether she includes the patients as well, but it sure sounds like it).

It’s not a good sign when they feel comfortable saying the quiet parts out loud, like right-winger Patrick Howley saying he supports free speech until the right is able to take it away from liberals.

I’m not sure what it signifies that Jim Bakker claims Christian pastors are already being executed for controversy.

Missouri Republicans want to prevent pharmacists from saying ivermectin isn’t a covid cure. Over in Florida, Typhoid Ron DeSantis has wealthy anti-vax supporters. And Senator Ron Johnson accepts claims that covid vaccines give you AIDS. An Oklahoma Republican wants Fauci executed.

Florida Republicans are bad in other ways, too. And yet other ways.

Fascist attorney John Eastman had a simple path to Trump stealing the election: make numbers up.

Some conservatives insist the Alito draft opinion on Roe v. Wade won’t affect gay marriage, contraception rights or interracial marriage because they’re so popular. Of course, that’s what they said about overruling Roe … and right-wingers are eager to get to the overruling.

A mostly black town in Tennessee looks to benefit from a Ford plant opening near by. State officials want to take over running the town.

Republicans continue equating gay characters to adult sexual material that should be kept from kids. Even to the point of hiding it in library databases. At least some teens are fighting back.

The Texas Bar is suing allegedly corrupt state attorney Ken Paxton — who by amazing coincidence is now suing them.

Despite all the right-wing lies about “groomers” they’re fine when the grooming’s coming from inside the house. Fred Clark links to a few more examples. And here. And here.

The real reasons gas prices are so high. And prices in general are going up so companies can enjoy record profits.

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