The non-existent war on groomers

So Disney has come out against Ron DeSantis Don’t Say Gay bill, which has led to a massive freak out on the right. Disney is evil! The company that makes movies loved by children is trying to groom them (see my previous post on the grooming propaganda bullshit)! Boycott Disney!

As LGM points out, the chance of a Disney boycott having any effect is zero to none. DeSantis is, however, looking at other ways to penalize the company. Those who deviate from the Stalinist party line must pay the price, comrade! And lose their copyrights!

I’m sure Republicans are happy a gay teacher just quit over being criticized for mentioning their husband. But they’ll keep right on shrieking about groomers because simply admitting they hate gays, or want to cater to voters who do, and want to ban books about gays is no longer politically acceptable.

But some of them just can’t keep up the pretense.  The ever-odious Rep. Lauren Boebert says kids shouldn’t be allowed to declare their gender identity or orientation before 21. That has nothing to do with grooming, everything to do with repressing gays (technically that would apply to being straight too, but I’m sure in DeSantis’ Florida …). And we have one right-winger declaring that parents are entitled to hate their gay kids and schools shouldn’t offer the kids any haven.

It’s about hating gay kids, not about protecting anyone.


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