Conservative culture wars and other links

Roy Edroso at alicublog has a plethora of posts on this topic, conservative outrage at pop culture (in this case the cable show Girls).
Pop culture is an interesting case of right-wing cognitive dissonance. They justify pretty much anything big business does by Freedom of the Market but they’re apparently horrified when that results in movies or TV shows that present the world with gays, independent women, sex or anything that runs counter to traditional values (actually sex and sexy activity is fine so long as they women aren’t too independent). When movies or TV do it, it’s pandering or broadcasting liberal propaganda! Something must be done! Thus in this link, the right-winger being spotlighted suggests using discussions of Girls in the office for “injecting and modeling the conservative ideas and values that we need to advance.” There’s also talk of how conservatives must change popular culture—which in most cases, amounts to calling for someone to make successful conservative sitcoms and shows.
Setting aside that they have a low bar for what constitutes liberal feminist propaganda, as Roy points out they don’t seem to have many ideas for shows—in fact they can’t seem to think of them as anything other than propaganda vehicles. Even Roger L. Simon, who at least is a writer, ends up telling a conservative audience they need to contribute money and someone needs to think of a new distribution system to get the message out.
The right-wing problem isn’t that Hollywood’s repressing conservatives. It’s not even against what conservatives think of as right-wing ideas (male dominance, monogamy, respect for the military—or have they never seen shows like NCIS?). It’s that anything that deviates from Party doctrine even slightly is suspect. As I’ve often thought, conservative pundits are closer to Stalinists than they realize.
•A town in Arkansas has announced that SWAT teams will be stopping anyone they see on the street and demanding ID to prove they’re not crooks.
The idea they won’t be stopping everyone and this is just a cover for some racial profiling is creepy. So is the idea they think they have the legal right to stop anyone and everyone.
•Historian David Barton likes to claim chunks of the Constitution are direct quotes from the Bible. He lies. Check out the relevant sections for yourself (I did).
•On Obama’s non-closure of Gitmo. This NYT article points out the administration is holding military tribunals to judge acts that aren’t considered war crimes.
•Ten cents a shirt to increase safety at overseas garment makers? Outrageous!
•Currently federal law provides more restrictions on guns used for duck hunting than for guns used to kill people. Also at the link, a pol who opposes reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act lectures us on how important it is to protect women from violence.
•There’s nothing more objectionable to America than meddling in the affairs of foreign nations … except when we do it, of course.
•Now here’s a new twist: Texas wants to offer a tax break to compensate any companies penalized by refusing to comply with the contraception-coverage mandate in the Affordable Care Act. Obama has already proposed an alternative to get around the issue—but since it would still provide coverage, I imagine right-wingers and Hobby Lobby will still be up in arms (this profile shows Hobby Lobby’s devout faith doesn’t stop it from paying “pennies on the dollar” for some of their stock).
•Want to know what doctors and hospitals get paid by various drug companies? There’s a website for that.
•The political group Citizens United argues that the Fourteenth Amendment clearly doesn’t apply to the federal government, so it has the power to discriminate against gays. A win would also allow the government to discriminate against black Americans. LGM points out the absurdity of originalism here.
•A post from Bilgrimage about tribal instincts and religious identity.

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