Sexism and other forms of intolerance: links

To control lust, Fred Clark says, Christian purity culture “would rather put every woman in a burka than any man in a blindfold.” I wish I’d said that because it’s perfect.

Arizona plans to copy Texas’ bill for letting private citizens sue abortion providers.

“Soon everyone started hugging and saying “mubarak” — congratulations. My heart sank. I realized I had just been forced into a marriage proposal, or “rishta” — a prelude to a “nikah,” or Muslim wedding — to a man who needed to stay in the United States when his visa expired. He was seven years older than me. I’d never met him.”

One of the arguments in favor of male supremacy is that women haven’t accomplished anything in human history. It’s bullshit of course (I get into it in Undead Sexist Cliches), but history textbooks still make it easy to believe.

A town in Pennsylvania now has a Republican majority council. So the first thing they did was repeal LBGTQ protection ordinances.

Mario Avery, new mayor of Fairburn, Ga., celebrates by encouraging everyone to join him in ritual communion over Zoom.

A bullying man taunts middle-schoolers for wearing masks and allegedly coughs on them. The police response? The kids should respect freedom of speech.

A ten-year-old article Ta-Nehisis Coates on the implicit racism of comparing fetuses to slaves. The racism being the implication slaves were passive and inert until the nice white people freed them.

I’ve mentioned before that Matt Walsh thinks consent in sex is unimportant. Turns out he also thinks arranged marriages where the couple has no choice of spouse would be an improvement on dating. I can’t help wondering if he really believes that or he’s trying to be an outrageous lib-owner to gain more of an audience.

Tucker Carlson continues to be outraged by mythical school attacks on white people’s feelings.

The complaints and laws about teaching about race don’t technically ban the topic. But part of the goal is to scare schools from bringing it up — like a school district cancelling a lecture on civil rights. Florida being Florida, the legislature can be blunter about hating gays: a House committee has passed a bill banning classroom discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Anti-semitic flyers circulate in Miami Beach neighborhoods.

In Tennessee, a Christian adoption agency that contracts with the state refuses to place kids with Jews.

As I’ve mentioned before, the religious right didn’t organize to stop abortion, they organized to fight for white privilege. And the right-t0-life movement is still finding common cause with white supremacists.

The supposed grass-roots protests against gay and race-related books in schools and libraries? It’s astroturf.

In another shocking case of cancel culture, Collin Culture fired a professor for tweeting criticism of Mike Pence. She sued, they settled out of court.

As I’ve mentioned before, Republican policies are bad whether they’re hypocrites or not. Still, it’s worth highlighting Michigan Republican Lee Chatfield compares gays to polygamists and pedophiles when he was sleeping with his sister-in-law. And according to her, it was statutory rape.

A white American woman tells a Korean woman to stop being so Asian.

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