And here we go!

Finally! Undead Sexist Cliches is live in paperback on Amazon.

A minor regret is that since I used Draft2Digital to make the ebook, it’s listed separately on Amazon. Cheaper but the royalty is actually better than the paperback. But don’t worry, if you go for the paperback I ain’t complaining. And using D2D it’s easy to get listed on multiple other ebook retailers.

Hoopla, which is Durham Library’s ebook service (and other libraries, of course), is taking longer to process. I’m happy to say I’ve kept the library cost down — apparently it’s normally way steeper than the individual purchase price for ebooks.

I feel a little stunned that it’s all over. Now I’ll start work on some promotion for the book. I should have done that sooner but I simply didn’t have time. If it doesn’t move even a little I may regret that, but for the moment I shall be optimistic.

If you’d like to learn the facts about why rape is never the victim’s fault, men are not innately superior (despite claims It’s Science), punishing men for harassment is not oppression and educating women does not ruin their lives, feel free to pick up a copy.

#SFWApro. Cover by Kemp Ward, all rights to image remain with current holders.

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