Will AI replace writers (and a couple more links)

Not for a while, one article concludes. Which is probably a good thing: this article shows how horribly easy it is for an AI to pick up anti-Muslim bias.

People have created superheroes to push a worthy political cause before. Venezuela’s new SuperMustache is closer to Captain Confederacy-style propaganda.

We all know how important maps are to places such as Narnia and Middle-Earth. But they’ve also played conflicting roles in the works of Joyce and Faulkner.

The complicated copyright rules for music explain why there’s so much money in stars selling their catalogues.

A group of investors have bought the bible for Jodorowsk’s unmade Dune adaptation. Can they overcome the copyright issues involved in making it widely available online?

The Brontes are out of copyright so that won’t be an issue with the purchase of multiple lost Bronte works.

Here’s an uncredited cover design I like because it shows the current style of using a wide range keywords (it will appeal to romance readers, suspense readers, adventure readers!) goes back to 1956.#SFWApro. All rights to image remain with current holder.

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