Political links: The Former Guy and other liars

The Former Guy has, of course, no interest in facts, only what lie serves him best at the time. So he’s gone from holding up the Sedition Day rioters as wonderful, patriotic people to claiming (along with Candace Owens) they were a false flag operation. Never mind that we know the right-wing, pro-Trump Proud Boys were there — one of them just got more than four years.

And while some pundits have been marveling that TFG has turned pro-vaccine, Roy Edroso points out what he’s really in favor of is getting credit for inventing them (“I came up with a vaccine, with three vaccines … “All are very, very good. Came up with three of them in less than nine months. It was supposed to take five to 12 years.”). He remains anti-mandate and anti-mask. Even so, that’s too pro-vaccine for Alex Jones and others.

The head of Gab says when the Jewish group ADL attacks him he can feel demonic energy coming from them. Meanwhile, TFG tosses out anti-semitic tropes about how Israel controls Congress.

Bullshit historian David Barton lies that so many people die of knife attacks in England it’s obvious banning guns doesn’t save lives.

An “ex-gay” Christian activist insists he’s still an ex-gay Christian even if he keeps having gay hookups.

Rudy Giulani and OAN accused some Georgia election workers of being part of the non-existent election steal. The election workers are suing them. Over in Texas, corrupt AG Ken Paxton has spent more than $2 million fighting non-existent voter fraud.

Tucker Carlson announces we should all stop discussing the Trump Virus because it’s boring.

The religious right has been all about First Amendment Freedom when it comes to exemptions from mask mandates. I’m inclined to agree with NBC News that they won’t be sympathetic to a guy who says he was fired for masking even though his Christian beliefs required it.

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