Plans for December

So my staycation is over, the Christmas tree is up and I’m back to work. With the golem article and Alien Visitors off my to-do list, I spent some time this week figuring out what to work on next.

First off, I need to get the last little bit done on Undead Sexist Cliches. A final spell-check, rewriting the afterword, then prepping for a January release. I’d like sooner but the holidays will slow down a lot of the publishers and Draft2Digital, so i’m going to wait.

Second, there’s Leafs. I skimped on working on them to wrap up Alien Visitors but now that’s done. Time to earn some money. I also have some ideas for articles spinning off from the book so we’ll see if I get any bites.

And then, at long awaited last, some fiction. My goals for this month are to get at least 30,000 words done on a new draft of Impossible Takes a Little Longer and to get as much wordage on my short story Oh the Places You’ll Go (it’s not that long, so I’m talking multiple drafts). I was thinking of planning out 2022 too, but I’ll wait and see how I do this month. I think I’ve set things up and arranged my time for better focus than usual, but I might be wrong. I’ll see if I can keep up that intensity and then plan accordingly.

And even though I’m still thinking about self-publishing all my unsold short stories, I’ll submit them (and Southern Discomfort) if I find a market.

Wish me luck!

For illustration, here’s a photo from a couple of weeks back of some turkey vultures dining on a dead deer. Where’s Gary Larson when you need him?#SFWApro.

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