Genesis was right, we’re living in a land of confusion (and pandemic)

(Here’s the relevant video from the eighties)

“The pandemic struck at the heart of evangelicals’ ministry model. Though only 10 percent of American Christians attend a megachurch, their worship style and business orientation have become inescapable standards in evangelical Christianity. Pastors of even small churches are expected to grow membership, cultivate a social media following, and provide high-tech entertainment on Sunday mornings … All such activities became difficult or impossible at a time when indoor gatherings were prohibited, and many Americans were staying home, losing jobs, or juggling work and childcare. More to the point, ministries organized around marketing principles simply were not equipped to respond to church members’ sudden fears, economic dislocation, and need for one-on-one, compassionate support.”— a look at why some pastors would sooner hold church services than protect their flock from pandemic.

Right-winger Christopher Key tells Springfield pharmacists if they distribute the vaccine, they’ll be hung for war crimes. The Nuremberg rules he refers to apply to using humans as guinea pigs without their consent, and do not apply to the vaccine.

Ohio Republican Josh Mandel is definitely confused — he claims the Post Office, listed in the Constitution, is unconstitutional.

Lin Wood’s down with the QAnon fantasy of Save The Non-Existent Children. But he’s oblivious to sexual predators on his own side.

Last year, Republicans predicted support for social distancing and lockdown measures would disappear if Biden won (“‘Everything’s magically better. Go back to work. Go back to school. Suddenly the problems are solved.’ ”). They were wrong but the conviction public-health measures are a liberal plot remains.

Some Trump Virus skeptics are asking for the impossible — blood transfusions only from the unvaccinated.

Right-wing Cardinal Raymond Burke opposed vaccines, social distancing and vaccine mandates because God, not the state is “the ultimate provider of health.” Woops, seems he’s got the Trump Virus now … and is trusting to a ventilator, not God.

The ever-confused Maureen Dowd is not only shocked Obama had a fun birthday party, but she wrote a column critiquing the guest list.

Fred Clark discusses the inevitable confusion in defining mainstream Protestants.

“You will not experiment on my children. … you vote yes, you will all be tried for crimes against humanity!”

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks’ response to the recent bombing attempt in Washington: ” I understand citizenry anger directed at dictatorial Socialism and its threat to liberty, freedom and the very fabric of American society. ” Bet he wouldn’t be saying that if they’d been Black Lives Matter.

Textbooks that present slavery as “black immigration” will certainly confuse a lot of students (intentionally, I’m sure).

Right-wingers stayed strong in support of Trump, sexual harasser Roy Moore and similar slime. They must be confused that their predictions Democrats would support Andrew Cuomo didn’t pan out.

Consevatives are whipping up confusion over critical race theory to take over school boards.

Anti-vaxxers insist it’s a personal choice that doesn’t affect anyone else. They’re wrong, as witness Orlando is calling for reduced water usage because there’s not enough liquid oxygen for water treatment. It’s going to Covid patients. And Alabama has no more ICU beds. Yet we have Republican officials giving parents advice on how to avoid mask mandates because, freedom! Okay, that’s not confused, it’s just evil.

“I have a very low risk of A) Getting COVID and B) dying of it if I do. Why would I risk getting a heart attack or paralysis by getting the vaccine?” Three guesses what happened next.

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