Undead Sexist Links, because I can’t seem to blog about anything longer this week

A school board decides local high school girls show too much skin in their yearbook photos — so they digitally edit them without consent.

Here’s a horror story: A teenage girl forced into sex work tries to rob her pimp so she can get away. He gets killed (not by her) and Ohio convicts her of murder despite state protections for trafficked teens. I don’t know what the problem was — misogyny? Racism (she’s black)?

Brigid Hughes was a successful editor at the Paris Review following iconic editor George Plimpton. A few years ago, a writer discovered Hughes (pushed out for a “young Turk”) wasn’t listed on the masthead, leaving an unbroken chain of male editors.

Southern Baptist leader Paige Patterson told a rape victim not to report it. He’s told abuse victims to suck it up and just pray their husband stops abusing her. Turns out he’s also (allegedly) a common thief.

Being anti-abortion, Fred Clark says, is a symbolic stance — a way people signal to themselves that “I am virtuous and moral and good.” Which many of them aren’t because they don’t give a crap about pregnant women: “Even the most staunchly antiabortion advocate has to acknowledge that the act of pregnancy requires two participants: the developing embryo and the person carrying it. So how has the conversation become so lopsided? How did the emotional and physical lives of women get so shut out of the narrative?”

I’m sure one reason is that white males, a minority group in the U.S., are still a majority in the halls of power.

Here’s a nasty new approach: Texas’ new antiabortion statute empowers anyone to sue abortion providers or people who help the woman get her abortion.

It’s great to be getting rid of masks, but it ends a year when men couldn’t tell women “Smile!”

The Duggar “quiverfull” family has a history of molestation and now child porn. Unlike the writer of the article, I’m nowhere as surprised that a conservative Christian family is messed up in those ways.

I’ve written about how rape apologists excuse sexual assault if the victim is drunk. In Minnesota, that’s the law: if she chooses to drink, then rape after she’s passed out is not a crime.

A Kansas prosecutor refused to take up a student’s rape case. Using a state law, the victim convened her own grand jury.

Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary molested a child, spent three months in prison for it and got a presidential pardon (Jimmy Carter, if you were wondering).

Sexism and racism at Virginia Military Institute.

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