Sedition Day, Race and Republicans

It seems a number of the Sedition Day attackers were motivated by fear of people of color “replacing” them. But Georgia Republican Andrew Clyde lies that they were totally non-violent. Rep. Paul Gosar portrays insurrectionist Ashli Babbitt as an executed patriot. Small wonder the House is considering censuring liars like Clyde.

Michican state Rep. Matt Maddock has also defended the coup with lies. Now he wants to license fact-checkers and require they take out a $1 million bond. When you lie as much as he does, you’ve got to hate fact-checking. And facts.

And let’s not forget how the Civil War started: The South refusing to accept the democratically elected president.

Unfortunately, Republicans are one of the two major parties in this country so some journalist feel the need to blame someone for their extremism. Like Twitter!

BLM and similar protests may be the next targets for far-right militants.

Governor Ron DeSantis insists the idea of systemic racism is a bunch of horse manure.

Tony Perkins and his Family Research Council have a long history of bigotry toward gays. They also dog-whistle about blacks.

Louisiana Republican Martha Huckabay says people condemning American slavery should talk about the good side of slavery.

“Historically speaking, the evangelical church understands it wasn’t a willing participant in the obliteration of slavery or the segregation-style Jim Crow laws. ”

Blacks are 20 pecent of Minneapolis residents but they make up most of the traffic stops for violations like broken tail lights.

Republicans want suburban whites as poll watchers in predominantly non-white districts. Wonder how they’d feel about having blacks and Latinos monitor suburban voters?

“Expecting a white supremacist, or a theocrat, or a Randian believer in plutocracy, or a reactionary misogynist (obviously we’re talking about a lot of overlap here) to believe in democracy as anything other than a potentially valuable means to power in certain circumstances is as absurd as expecting a Marxist-Leninist in Russia in 1917 to believe in democracy. ”

To end with some good news:

ICE deportations have dropped to the lowest monthly level ever.

Georgia has repealed the citizens arrest law that was used to defend the three men who shot Ahmaud Arbery.

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