Florida man makes lousy governor, and other links

Some cruise lines want to require proof of vaccination from their passengers. Florida Man and Governor Ron DeSantis says if they’re Florida-based, he won’t allow it. He’s a shit, but the media love him.

A new bill headed to DeSantis’ desk will monitor Florida universities for liberal bias. Okay, they talk about “diversity of viewpoints” but I don’t believe for a minute they’re as worried about, say, Holocaust deniers or anti-vaxxers as about tolerance for gays, discussions of slavery and racism in American history or science teachers pointing out creationism is a lie. It’s the old problem for their side: reality is against them, so they have to deny reality. I imagine that in a few years the Legislature will be wondering why schools are denying replacement theory.

Similarly, I’m sure Florida’s anti-protest bill will result in cracking down on Black Lives Matter harder than neo-Nazis or the Klan. Perhaps I’m overly cynical, but we’re past the point at which Republicans are entitled to any good faith in their intentions.

Of course Republicans are rejecting America too. They’ve been in paranoid mode for a while. And they’re still fantasizing about secession. Or that Biden isn’t president. And they’ll try very hard to ensure the next Democratic president can’t be president: “The difference between the 2020 and the 2024 elections will be the difference between a reactive Republican party focused on trying to flip the Electoral College and a proactive Republican party prepared to move past the Electoral College to the next pathway to victory.”

Republicans in Texas want to puts trans kids in foster care if their parents provide trans-appropriate medical care. It’s part of the GOP’s new war against trans kids now that bashing gays doesn’t have as much support.

Anti-semitic preacher/pundit Rick Wiles wants Antony Fauci waterboarded until he confesses the truth about the Trump Virus.

Is the corporate pushback against voting restrictions a game changer? Or just a nine-day wonder? I suspect it’s the latter, but for the moment Republicans are freaking out that corporate America dares question them. More freaking out. Much like Republican concepts of “freedom of religion,” the freedom of businesses to do as they please is conditional on them doing the right things.

A community adapts to surviving without the cops. And Maryland passes laws that radically restructure the rules for bad cops.

Here’s an extreme example of cops’ infamous “blue wall of silence”: the Boston PD believed allegations Officer Patrick Rose was a child molester, but they kept him on the force. Rose went on to molest a lot more children.

John Hopkins University decided the pandemic was a good excuse to cut off contributions to the faculty retirement fund.




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