So I made some bread

Normally I wait until the end of the week but I’d used up the beer bread I made last week. And the recipe for Cobb bread (a traditional English bread) I found in 100 Great Breads was a low-work one so I was able to fit making it into my afternoon’s work without much trouble.I tried calculating the correct dough temperature again and it did make the bread rise very well. It’s a basic white bread but with a salty tang and a great texture.

I highly recommend the 100 Great Breads book.



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2 responses to “So I made some bread

  1. That looks good! I made a basic sourdough this week. Unfortunately, we ate it all before any pictures were gotten!

    I will look for that book. I am always looking for good bread recipes.

  2. I bought 100 Great Breads mostly for the stilton bread recipes, but so far I’ve been pleased with everything I’ve made.

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