Republicans hate Democrats voting even more than they love corporations?

The Republican stop-people-voting bill in Georgia is very bad. And despite Republican lies, it does indeed ban providing food or water to anyone standing in line to vote. Florida’s now imitating Georgia. I’m sure they won’t be the last Republican-led state to do so.

The remarkable thing is, they’re so committed to voter suppression they’re even turning on corporate America. Mitch McConnell’s suddenly decided corporations should stay out of politics. An interesting take for someone who supports Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision that puts unlimited corporate money into play; Moscow Mitch is fine with corporations intervening in politics, just not when it clashes with his agenda. Accirdubg to the new right-wing buzzword the issue is corporate communism which apparently means “a corporation did something I don’t like!” Which is pretty much all communism means to these guys. But they’re all in on outrage of Major League Baseball pulling the All-Star game out of Atlanta: Texas Governor Abbott is refusing to throw out the first ball at the year’s first Rangers game and SC Rep. Jeff Duncan says if Major League Baseball pressures Georgia over its anti-voting bill, the Party will take away baseball’s antitrust exemption. Funny, that’s pretty much how the Communist Party ran the USSR: if you want your business to flourish, don’t piss off the party. It’s always projection with Republicans.

Fox News’ Kat Timpf is shocked that liberals have puritanical objections to Rep. Matt Gaetz allegedly committing statutory rape. I wonder what she thinks of Gaetz, when he was in the Florida legislature, playing a game of seducing women for points. Jonah Goldberg weighs in and gratuitously insults a woman he saw with Gaetz as a slut. The Washington Post points out that contrary to Gaetz’ statement his travel records prove his innocence there’s no way to do that. Oh, and would you believe Gaet fought against a revenge-porn ban when he was in the Florida legislature? And that he allegedly sought a blanket pre-emptive pardon from Trump for unspecified acts.

The judge in the Alex “Sandy Hook is a false flag” Jones defamation case sanctioned him a couple of years ago. The Supreme Court turned down Jones’ appeal. They also killed the suit over Trump’s right to block people on Twitter as moot — but Clarence Thomas threw in that Twitter, FB etc. should not be allowed to moderate content. I’m sure if Thomas ever gets his way he’ll next discover a constitutional exception for banning liberals from the Internet.

I am, however, sympathetic to Neil Gorsuch’s argument that employees’ religious rights deserve greater protection.

The Supreme Court also ruled for Google and against Oracle in a lawsuit over Google allegedly infringing Oracle’s Java copyright. Judging from this Twitter thread, it’s a fair use issue. The judges have also weighed in on a Kentucky abortion case though I’m unclear about the significance.

Mississippi pastor Shane Vaughn complains South Africa worked great until black kids started going to college — because of George Soros! So, both racist and anti-semitic.

Arkansas just made it legal for medical workers to refuse non-emergency treatment if they have moral objections to treating someone. This will not go well. And while the governor vetoed an anti-trans bill the legislature overrode him. And Montana’s governor is expected to sign a bill that gives anyone — including corporations — a right to discriminate if non-discrimination violates their religious beliefs. Misssippi’s governor is simply a liar, claiming the deficits under Trump were not because of tax cuts. Montana Senator Steve Daines insists he is totally not being racist when he says the reason Montana has a meth problem is that it’s Mexican meth.

North Carolina’s anti-trans bill includes a statement that “would also compel state employees to immediately notify parents in writing if their child displays “gender nonconformity” or expresses a desire to be treated in a way that is incompatible with the gender they were assigned at birth.” That sounds like an excuse to pick on gays or straight cis-kids who don’t conform to gender stereotypes. This is, after all, the state where the anti-trans bathroom bill led to cops hassling cis-women in women’s restrooms because they didn’t look feminine enough.

When Trump solicited campaign donations from his supporters last year, the fine print made the donations monthly.

These days academia is run like a business: less money for employees, lots for top administrators.

One of the Sedition Day traitors later allegedly said he wants to lynch the black cop who shot Ashli Babbitt on 1/6.

A Korean-American Republican insists if she says racist crap about China it’s totally not racist as she’s Asian too. And she’s suing the Texas Tribune for defamation for writing about it.

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