Some undead sexist links

“Consent – agreement to sex – should not be conflated with sexual desire, enjoyment or enthusiasm; not because we should be resigned to bad sex, but precisely because we should not be.

Online harassment of women journalists is increasingly vicious. Tucker Carlson thinks they should just shut up about it.

“The Met police warned women in Clapham not to go out alone, following the disappearance of Everard, but of course that places the blame on women, on those of us who are just trying to get from one place to another, especially when the person who is the main suspect is a cop.”

Biden is looking to unmake the Trump administration’s rules for handling sexual assault on campus.

“Several women told The Post the network was part of a larger culture in golf that sidelines women. That included multiple instances of women not being allowed in certain areas of private golf clubs with their male colleagues during shoots because club rules restricted where women could go. (Hughes said Golf Channel raised concerns with the clubs when the issue was brought to them.” — from a WaPo article about Golf Channel sexism.

The Family Research Council and other right-wing groups say they object to reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act because it includes transwomen. They’ve opposed it long before that was an issue.

Women have already experienced the damage deepfake photos can wreak.

In Ethiopia’s Tigray region, rape has become a weapon of war.

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy says we shouldn’t assume the Atlanta shooter was mentally ill: maybe Asian women just turned him on too much. Which seems to fall into the tradition of “women made him do it” victim blaming.

How NCAA makes it look like women’s basketball loses money.

I take great delight that a group Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene blocked on Twitter won a court case against her, and will donate the settlement money to gun-law reform groups. That said, for all the hate she dishes out, she does not deserve death threats, threats against her children or gendered insults flung her way, no matter how horrible she is.

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