The Kraken squeals like a stuck pig (and other links)

The Dominion voting-machine company has sued Sidney “the Kraken” Powell for accusing them of fraud. Powell protests that no reasonable person would take her statements seriously. Powell’s tortuous logic is that she wasn’t actually accusing, simply describing her court case, so totally different. The Georgia secretary of state gives Powell a sick burn.

While Powell and Trump’s other lawyers lost their various lawsuits, Mr. MyPillow and other activists are hoping to overturn Arizona’s Biden win. And the Georgia House just passed a bill making it easier to cheat next time: The legislature can appoint most of the state elections board and the board can take over from “underperforming” county boards. Yes, no way that could be abused (I’m sure if the Dems ever win a majority in the state legislature, there’ll be a lame duck session to change things back). And contrary to Ari Fleischer’s lies, the law does prevent providing water and food to anyone in line to vote. A Georgia Democrat vents.

The funny thing is, last year proved Republicans can do well even when voter turnout is high, but they still want fewer voters. One blogger suggests it’s not that they’re afraid, they simply see no reason not to cheat. In a relevant WaPo article, a Latino man discusses why so many Latinos (much fewer Latinos) voted Trump.

Oh, and when Governor Kemp signed the Georgia bill, state police arrested a black Democratic legislator for knocking on his door during the signing. Yet we have pundits arguing that Democrats expanding the vote is just the same as Republicans repressing it.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn condemned Biden for worrying about immigrants instead of homeless veterans. But the COVID relief bill includes help for veterans; Cawthron refused to vote for it.

Speaking of mental illness, a guy in Texas stops an (unarmed) National Guard COVID transport convoy and searches it at gunpoint for a kidnapped women. The cops later manage to take him into custody without shooting him (yes, he’s white). But that weirdness pales compared to the guy who claims he’s copyrighted Canada’s banking system.

Remember when right-wingers said government should be run like a business? As head of the Postal Service, Louis DeJoy thinks that means cutting hours, increasing prices and slowing delivery. Democrats in Congress are pushing back — though I will say DeJoy ending the requirement the USPS fund retirement benefits now for the next fifty years is part of his plan I hope goes through.

A black bakery salesclerk refused to serve a woman unless she wore a mask. So the customer drops the n-bomb.

Rents for the rich are dropping, while rents for the poor go up.

On the plus side, the COVID relief bill includes significant subsidies for families with kids. At the link, an explanation what that means for poor children.

What makes the Dallas suburbs a hotbed for insurrectionists?

Republicans’ prime directive: “owning” the liberals.

Anti-trans feminists and how they may hurt women’s rights.

Trump recently offered his thoughts on potential Republican candidates for president if he doesn’t run. No More Mr. Nice Blog looks at his conversation and thinks he’s not running.

Biden continues cutting away Trumpian deadwood.



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