The right-wing keeps getting weirder and nastier

For example, claiming that Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah was part of a Deep State scheme to influence the trial of George Floyd’s killer. Because a British ex-royal talking about racism will totally do that. Interesting to see they’re still playing the “accusations of racism are a tool to divide Americans” card that was old when movies such as I Was A Communist for the FBI deployed it. Oh, and QAnon cultists think Oprah’s wearing an ankle monitor in the interview because she’s been locked up as one of those Satanic pedophiles.

Roy Edroso looks at how many Republicans have rapidly turned on the military, denouncing them as tools of the woke left, much as they did cops who stood up to the Sedition Day rioters. While Republicans have always set conditions on “support the troops” — they had no problems smearing John Kerry’s war record when he ran against draft-dodging George W. Bush — it is, as Edroso says, unusual to dump on the regular serving military. But the military mocked Tucker Carlson for saying they’d become all feminized and PC, and that’s apparently enough.

A look at how one woman’s embrace of QAnon and Trump Virus online bullshit tore her family apart.

The Jan. 6 attackers were older, better off and more white-collar than the typical white extremist right-winger, and mostly not affiliated with extremist groups. As noted at the link, it’s a disturbing sign how Trump has radicalized Republicans. But don’t worry, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says they weren’t trying to overthrow the government so no problemo!

A woman detained for refusing to a)wear a mask or b)leave the business premises says the mask is equivalent to stars for Jews in Nazi Germany.

Slacktivist on the challenge for ministers dealing with QANon believers in their flock.

Lara Trump’s dog-rescue charity conveniently holds a lot of events at Trump properties. No, they don’t get a discount rate.

Don’t think of heaven as an eternity of rest, Pastor Robert Jeffries says. You’ll work but there’s no regulation — Jeffries seems to think that’s the problem with hating our jobs — so you’ll love it.

Republicans used the filibuster all through the Obama years to block legislation and stop Obama filling judicial seats. But Moscow Mitch McConnell says if Dems get rid of the filibuster, he’ll retaliate by … blocking legislation? As LGM says, Biden saying he’s open to filibuster reform has McConnell scared. And good for Biden — it’s nice to see he’s not the accommodating sucker for Republicans that I worried he might be. But Republicans remain committed to their dream of a one-party banana republic. And they’re still engaged in a race to the nasty bottom.

The right-wing media might not want their audience dying of the Trump Virus, but they can accept it. They’re also comfortable with sympathy for criminals, when they’re white and shooting up Asian-Americans.

In the 20th century, lynching was a tool for enforcing white dominance over people of color. So a congressional discussion of the Atlanta shootings is not the right time to endorse lynching.

One conservative’s theory: Biden didn’t put his name on the stimulus checks because he’s not really president.

And let’s wrap up with one piece of weird, nasty and lying: Sen. Ron Johnson.


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