I didn’t know we were under martial law!

But according to false prophet Jeff Jansen, “the military is in charge of our nation right now.” So his prophecies Trump would win are true, because the military will remove Biden from the White House and install God’s favorite soon.

Republicans still claim that the Sedition Day attackers weren’t really Republicans. One right-winger who was in  the mob that day is adamant Trump conservatives get credit. Another texted his ex, sent her photos and videos of the assault and told her she was a moron for doubting Biden stole the election. She turned him in.

Unfortunately, Republicans’ belief that “their” country has been stolen by Jews/gays/blacks/Democrats/liberals/feminists/trans/Muslims — is widespread at the state and local level. Much as they say they love American, Republicans hate the real America where they’re forced to share with other people. Tucker Carlson does his bit, claiming there’s no proof the insurrectionists were white supremacists while Black Lives Matter is full of black supremacists.

Ted Cruz fled Texas for Mexico. AG Ken Paxton escaped the cold in Utah. Pundit Adam Serwer says one reason Republicans prioritize culture-war issues is that it helps them get away with running Texas as a failed state — sure, they’ve known for a decade this could happen, but they’re punching down at gays, isn’t that enough?

A couple of foreign policy wonks suggest the U.S. chill rather than try to compete with Moscow and Beijing around the globe.

Sure, Rush Limbaugh was a misogynist, bigot and homophobe, but the NYT’s Frank Bruni still says journalists shouldn’t say so.

Lovely. The CPAC right-wing conference had a scheduled speaker who believes Judaism is a fake religion, Hebrew is a fake language … He’s been disinvited by a lot of vile people haven’t.

Even one dose of Trump virus vaccine helps protect us, according to a British study. As Paul Campos said, we should be celebrating.

Max Boot says those who supported incompetent former president Trump have no grounds for criticizing Biden. A-OC and others say if Dem Senator Joe Manchin can support Trump’s cabinet picks, it’s disturbing he draws the line when Biden nominates women of color.

My state’s lieutenant governor, Mark Roinson, likes saying anti-Semitic crap.

Clarence Thomas thinks we should restrict voting by mail regardless of whether there’s any fraud.

A federal judge greenlights California’s proposal to impose net neutrality. Illinois has eliminated cash bail, which often left poor defendants in jail for months because they couldn’t put up the money.

The destruction QAnon wreaks on families.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo accused of sexual harassment.

Madison Cawthorn, seditionist, harasser and liar.



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