Right and left: political links

So how are Republicans and Dems doing in the Biden Era?

Unsurprisingly Republicans lie a lot. Sean Hannity says Democrats caused the Vanilla Isis assault on the Capitol so it’s outrageous they’re impeaching Trump. Ted Cruz insists that Politico reporters objecting to turning over an issue to right-wing hack Ben Shapiro are no different than the Borg. Mitch McConnell, who opposed impeaching Trump before the election, now thinks after the election is too late. Lying anti-gay bigot Tony Perkins fought for overturning the election but now he’s very concerned Biden is tampering with democracy. And Sarah Huckabee Sanders lies as much running for Arkansas governor as she did as press secretary. Like her preacher father, she’s not at all bothered about bearing false witness against her neighbors.

They’re still dealing with the fallout from the assault on the capitol and the loss of the White House. Gay-hater Scott Lively says God removed Trump from office for being too pro-gay. Another false prophet says Heaven recognizes Trump as president. Some QAnon believers have decided Trump will be inaugurated on March 4 as the rightful president. It’s a myth imported into QAnon from the sovereign citizens movement.

And of course, after spending like a drunken sailor in a brothel during the Trump years, Republicans suddenly care about the deficit. And Eric Metaxas pretends that businesses dropping the MyPillow guy’s line of goods is like what happened in Nazi Germany. Erick Erickson explains Republicans only went for anti-Semite QAnon believer Marjorie Taylor Greene because nobody had heard of QAnon — it sounded like something the left made up! And rightwing hack Salena Zito explains (at the same link) that Trump was no more divisive than Obama supporting gay rights, because that was a direct attack on anti-gay Republican voters’ values! Both sides do it!

Kellyanne Conway allegedly posted a nude photo of her daughter online. Though her daughter thinks Mom was hacked, she says Mom took the photo “to use against me one day.” Some of Trump’s other loyal aides are shocked that their fascist resume is hurting their job search.

The GOP’s coup didn’t succeed. So now they’re working on their more usual methods of trashing democracy. For a foretaste, look at how they’ve enshrined minority rule in Wisconsin. Josh Hawley defends his support for sedition on the grounds his voters wanted it. As noted at the link, that ignores his role convincing them the election was stolen.

President Biden meanwhile, is continuing to do much more than I expected. Executive orders ending government contracts with private prisons and ordering HUD to look at how previous administrations have undermined fair-housing rules (hmm, does he have a specific administration in mind?). And he’s reopening the ACA marketplaces. And withdrawing a Trump rule allowing chicken plants to force employees to work insanely faster (details at the link on why this is a good thing). And he’s firing Trump’s worst appointees. Dr. Jill Biden is working with the task force reuniting immigrant children the Trump administration tore from their parents. And the president rescinded the global gag rule on abortion.

The Democrats are showing more sense than usual. They’re looking at using budget reconciliation to pass Trump virus relief, which means Moscow Mitch can’t filibuster. And Senators Collins and Murkowski are … upset! Given their history of wringing their hands about Trump while doing nothing, I am singularly unimpressed. I doubt Trump’s entire legal team for the impeachment trial quitting (apparently Trump was demanding they defend him by recycling Election Theft claims) will matter for that reason — Republicans don’t care whether his defense is any good (and he’s already found fresh lawyers). Would love it if I was wrong, though.

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