Well, the 2021 rollout was never going to be perfect …

Unsurprisingly, the vaccine rollout was not as fast as Trump promised. It would take a decade to inoculate everyone at the current rate (some details in this twitter thread). Small wonder; his only interest in the vaccine is getting credit for it. And let’s not forget the new, improved mutant version may make the pandemic worse. I hope Biden can fix the rollout speed; unfortunately I don’t know he can fix the suspicion and paranoia driving healthcare workers out of small towns.

Will we see more vaccine-destruction incidents like this one?

Anti-American Senator Josh Hawley Tweets that he’s challenging the electoral votes this week: “74 million Americans are not going to be told their voices don’t matter” as if “didn’t win” was the same as “don’t matter.” And if the 81 million voters who went Biden get their votes canceled, he’s fine with that. Ted Cruz is shocked that while Democrats talk about bringing the country together, they say the coup supporters like himself are seditious — well, it is. But I see Republicans have already gotten over the whole “fuck your feelings” thing and are back to “why must people hurt our fee-fees like this?” It’s a card they’ve been playing since the Clinton years, and it’s always bullshit: civility is just an excuse for “Shut up and never criticize us!”

Jim Jordan has Tweeted “why are Democrats scared to have a debate on election integrity?” Simple, Republicans aren’t debating in good faith. This isn’t a debate, it’s a bunch of liars demanding they be taken seriously, instead of as the Anti-American shits they are. The Rasmussen polling organization has embraced Stalin’s approach to winning elections. This relates to the truly bizarre belief that the true intent of the Constitution authorizes the vice-president to single-handedly decide the election.

Last year, a lot of distilleries made hand sanitizer to cope with shortages. Legally, the FDA has to charge them fees for this. Again, I hope this is something we can fix.

Trump’s pardoning murderers. And sadists. Some of his pardons may have violated international law, but why would he care?

While our country has a poor history of late in taking down rich, powerful people, I’m hopeful there’s enough pressure to see Trump pay for something that some of the legal efforts against him go forward. Like this one.

Can students curse out their school on their personal social media? A school district says no; the Supreme Court will decide.

“When only half the divide is being tasked with making the peace, there is no peace to be made, but there is a unilateral surrender on offer. We are told to consider this bipartisanship, but the very word means both sides abandon their partisanship, and Mitch McConnell and company have absolutely no interest in doing that.” — Rebecca Solnit on why compromise is no longer possible or good.

“But 2020 has taught me that I am, for better or worse, someone who wants to hope for things. To believe in the people who developed vaccines. In the people who administered them. In Sandra Lindsay. In the people who delivered groceries, who sewed masks, who have long cursed America’s imperfect systems and long fought to change them, who still donate $10 to a sick teacher’s GoFundMe.” — Monica Hesse on hope in 2020.

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