Before we say goodbye 2020, here’s some links

“On Friday, Trump met with several allies, including Giuliani, Meadows, former national security adviser Michael Flynn and White House lawyer Pat Cipollone. Trump asked about deploying the military to rerun the election an idea that Flynn floated during an interview on Newsmax.” — gotta say, I think the Washington Post should have led with that instead of tossing it off in an article about how Trump’s staff are sadly preparing to move on. Oh, Trump’s also proposed appointing Sidney “release the Kraken” Powell as a special counsel investigating voter fraud, though I can’t see what good that will do. Hopefully calls for civil war won’t do any good either.

Trump’s former Chief of Staff John Kelly says the staff working under Trump were decent people serving their country and shouldn’t be shamed or suffer in their future careers. Jennifer Rubin’s response: “These people are not victims. Their reputations have been besmirched for the best of reasons: They participated in an administration unparalleled in its corruption, meanness, racism and authoritarianism.”

Fox’s Lou Dobbs linked the Smartmatic election tech company to voter fraud. Smarmatic threatened legal action. Go figure, Dobbs changed his mind.

I suspect lobbying efforts by companies to get vaccines for their workers will be even bigger in 2021. Unfortunately so will lies from anti-vaxxers.

The efforts to manipulate the narrative around the Ahmaud Arbery murder case won’t go away either. I see from the article they’re already going with the “he was no angel” defense.

Trump mismanaged the pandemic in almost every way possible (Scott Atlas, White House advisor, was a big help). And now that a vaccine is available, Republicans are still screwing up The first link, by the way, points out how insanely Trump turned his administration into a device for protecting his fragile fee-fees: his staff organized rallies because he felt so sad without them, they stopped bringing up the Trump Virus because he got so cranky. But hey, Trump’s not spending his last days idle: his new executive order makes classical architecture the default style for public buildings. I cannot imagine who thinks this is important (I’m sure President Tiny Brain doesn’t).

With a vaccine now available, it’s now only a matter of waiting. Distance a while longer, go masked a while longer. But Florida’s Governor DeSantis is having none of that.

“Donald J. Trump will exit the White House as a private citizen next month perched atop a pile of campaign cash unheard-of for an outgoing president, and with few legal limits on how he can spend it.” Remember this when a Trumper talks about how President Shit Gibbon gave up billions to serve his country. In reality it’s bee his most successful business venture.

Despite Trump’s repeated failures, Republican Loren Culp, who failed to unseat Gov. Jay Inslee in Washington, is following Trump’s playbook: crying fraud, filing lawsuits and raising lots of money. Meanwhile Kimberly Klacik, who lost her run for political office in Maryland, is Tweeting that Mark Zuckerberg and Mitch McConnell have both married Chinese Americans (“I just post facts.”). I’m really amazed how fast the right has seized onto Biden as Chinese Puppet, but I shouldn’t have been (a point I’ll have more to say about later). I’m more than a little worried about how many cops side with the conspiracy crackpots. In hind sight, the Jade Helm conspiracy theory of a few years ago, was a foretaste of where we are now. Some of what we’re seeing may be just posing for the base, but eventually it turns real.

If Biden stops the border wall it will save $2.6 billion. I have a feeling the Republicans who are suddenly getting all deficit-minded again will not be pleased.

Trump’s followers aren’t enthusiastic about the vaccine, but they still think their president should get all the credit for it.

Along with worrying about the deficit, Republicans will once again start worrying about the tone of our national conversation: Sen. Marco Rubio has decided it’s just awful Biden’s prospective chief of staff, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, referred to Republicans as “fuckers.” Roy Edroso puts this in perspective. That’s why I’m with Rubin; if these shits want to be called anything else, start earning it.

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