Worlds in collision (and Republicans in transition)

Well, Trump’s frantic efforts to defy the will of the voters have come to naught — even Bill Bar admits it. But that doesn’t mean things are stable, or that Republicans are getting saner. Take Ted Cruz, who claimed in July that if Biden won, Democrats would lift Trump Virus restrictions after the election. And the belief the election is rigged against Republicans goes back a long way.

Trump attorney Jenna Ellis claims she’s a constitutional law professor. She ain’t. Not that Sidney Powell is any prize. But hey, Trump’s only standard for good lawyering in the fight to stay in power is fighting — it doesn’t matter they’re spewing bullshit, they’re Fighting! For! Him! If the customer doesn’t demand quality, he won’t get it.

And then there’s Lin Wood who claims that since the governor wouldn’t swear on a Bible that he didn’t take money from China, he must be guilty!

And Rep. Mo Brooks says even after the electors certify Biden, he’s going to challenge the outcome.

Trump has had discussions about pardoning Giulani, Ivanka and his sons, though for what is not clear. I wonder if he realizes he can’t pardon them for state crimes?

One right-wing pastor suggests Trump is preparing to save us by imposing martial law.

Republican voters are now turning on the party for failing Trump. I doubt it’ll last but if it gives us a Democrat for Georgia senator, I’m good with it. But not so much violent threats against Republican officials.

Meanwhile, a wealthy Republican donor is suing a group for failing to expose any election fraud. And Trump’s raised $495 million to fight election fraud, but most of it goes to his PAC.

Meanwhile, Republican state legislators in Ohio want to impeach the Republican governor because his COVID-19 restrictions have made the state “a hostile work environment.” Libby Ann points out that Republicans say they want law and order, but they also encourage breaking pandemic restrictions because freedom! Of course the Supreme Court is doing its best to make restrictions illegal.

Ben Shapiro thinks Hulu’s airing a lesbian rom-com, Happiest Season, as an attack on Christianity.

If you click on only one link in this post, make it this one. Portraying A-OC as a sexy feminazi Marxist dominatrix suggests the creator has fantasies they may not be aware of.

Poor rural states will find vaccinating the public a challenge.

President Man Baby thinks being called “Diaper Don” on Twitter is a national security issue. Meanwhile he’s stripping job protections from OMB civil servants so he can fire them for disloyalty. Trump is also racing to deregulate everything and bring back firing squads.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has placed the unused Trump Virus relief funds where they can’t be tapped without congressional approval.

“arguments about policy are the vestiges of a notion that Trump has killed off: the idea that an election is a contest for the support, or at least the consent, of a majority of voters. Such arguments implicitly concede the possibility that there is another, equally legitimate choice. That is precisely what the posthumous Republican Party cannot and does not accept.”

To end on an upbeat note, one guy in Michigan did the right thing and insisted on certifying state votes.

And for another happy note, Tom Tomorrow reminds us everything is fine.


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