Trump infected, QAnon and other links

“You cannot expect the White House to exhibit any regard for the health of others. The president knowingly exposed his wife, his adult children, his staff, his donors, and his supporters in the Cleveland debate hall. He refused and forbade the most basic safety precautions in the close quarters of the West Wing and on Air Force One, except for testing, which was intended to protect him personally.” And since coming back from the hospital, he’s been removing his mask. Of course, he has the advantage of getting the world’s best healthcare. And doctors who keep contradicting themselves.

It’s alarming enough that people think Jewish bankers are behind various conspiracies. Now they’re claiming George Soros is part of QAnon; accusing a Jew of belonging to a cabal that drinks the blood of children is just a revised version of the classic blood libel against Jews (that they made Christian children’s blood into Passover bread). Fred Clark suggests the anti-Semitism is part of the appeal. Also the delusion of your own virtue in standing against the pedophiles: “they couldn’t straight up say, ‘no, we’re anti-BLM’ — they kind of had to grasp onto this other basically fake story to make it seem like they are the ethical crusaders.

The New Yorker, however, was able to independently confirm several of the assistant’s accusations. The allegation that she was required to work at Guilfoyle’s apartment while [Kimberly] Guilfoyle was barely clothed or naked was substantiated by several of the assistant’s confidants, including an eyewitness, who recalls being surprised by the sight. “It was provocative in a way that made you want to get away from this person,” the eyewitness told me.” Apparently Trump likes harassers even when they’re women.

I’m sorry, armed groups that insist they’re just patriotic citizens while discussing the Marxist conspiracy behind Black Lives Matter doesn’t pass the smell test. Neither does Rush Limbaugh’s claim that there’s a conspiracy to infect Republicans with the Trump virus. But of course, Limbaugh never passes the smell test. Ditto David Barton who claims government restrictions during the pandemic violate the Third Amendment.

Trump was originally overriding FDA rules that would make it impossible to deliver a COVID-19 vaccine before the election, though the White House has since reversed course.

Former congresswoman Michelle Bachmann says all the non-Christians and non-Jews moving into Minnesota have ruined it.

The Southern Baptist Conference has several hundred rapists in its hierarchy and done nothing to remove them. But they can sure move fast revoking the minister’s license of a man who endorsed Biden on social media. The SBC says this is nothing to do with politics, a claim Slacktivist dissects and dismembers.

U.S. intelligence sees a potential surge in extremist threats around election time. And Trump’s cool with that so long as it’s violence on his side.

Federal duck stamps now have to include hunting-related images. Which may reflect that Trump has no idea or ability to appeal to anyone outside his base. As Jamelle Bouie says, Trump’s really a bad politician as well as a bad president.

Matt Gaetz proposed his friend Joel Greenberg, a Florida official, run for Congress. Greenberg has now been indicted on sex trafficking.

I’ll end with a batch of good news. Kim Davis, the county clerk who refused to recognize legal same-sex marriage or let her subordinates do so, lost her job, then filed a religious freedom lawsuit. She lost, appealed to the Supreme Court and they’ve turned her down (though Alito and Thomas seem ready to overturn Obergefell). And with the Proud Boys banned from Twitter, gay groups have taken over their hashtag. And anti-Muslim bigot Laura Loomer’s run for Congress is tanking. And the IRS is investigating the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre for tax fraud.

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