Bad ideas and bad behavior: some links

I’m not sure “ideas” is the term for Trump’s rant that if Biden/Harris wins, “they don’t want to have cows, they don’t want to have any form of animals.” And no fossil fuels so no energy, no cars, no planes! And cities will be rebuilt because “too much light gets through the windows … let’s rip down the Empire State Building,”
Possibly he’s sliding into dementia but it’s equally possible he’s doing what he’s always done, spewing bullshit and assuming he’ll never pay a price for it. Or both.

And of course, Trump never paid a price for his bullshit accusations Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. (which Republicans shrug off as Just Asking A Reasonable Question, even though it was never reasonable). So it’s no surprise Trump’s now questioning whether Harris meets the legal requirements to be VP. Newsweek should be embarrassed it published a column to the same effect, while insisting this isn’t at all a racist question. Libby Anne rips into it too. LGM points out that John Eastman also claims Harris is not a legitimate U.S. senator and by implication, an American citizen at all.

QAnon isn’t an idea as much as politically paranoid gibberish, but it shows how bad ideas can corrupt us. Though QAnonite Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t have far to go, as she believes Obama is a Muslim and there was no 9/11 attack on the Pentagon.

Well this will end well, I’m sure: Florida man (who happens to be sheriff) bans officers wearing masks and won’t let people wear masks in his offices.

A Durham restaurateur’s progressive appearance hid a world of abuse and bad management, according to an Indy article.

A woman, knowing she had the Trump Virus, went to her manicurist anyway because she just had to get her nails done. When the manicurist asked if she’d tested positive, the customer lied.

A good post on Snopes looks at why people embrace politically paranoid theories about child-sex trafficking rings. The anti-trafficking Polaris Project explains why this crap is part of the problem, not the solution (I wonder if this is why Trump has put $35 million to fight trafficking, though at least that’s a policy I can agree with)

Sen. Ron Johnson, of the Republican “let them die for the good of the economy” contingent says he hopes there’s no more Trump Virus release spending bills for the sake of future generations.

After Trump won, liberals got a lot of flack for supposedly living in bubbles and not understanding how the other half lives. Conservative bubbles get a different treatment.

The lingering influence of secession upon the right wing.

Some protesters dashed red paint around a prosecutor’s office. By charging them as a gang, the prosecutor could send them to jail for life.

A White House toady says Trump’s executive orders on pandemic relief funding are divinely inspired.

Trump thinks he belongs on Mt. Rushmore.

Sovereign citizens claim U.S. courts can’t try them because they’re admiralty courts illegally operating on dry land.

Tucker Carlson thinks it’s funny he mispronounces Kamala Harris’ name and refuses to correct himself.

Trump’s refusing to fund the U.S. Postal Service because then people can vote by mail. And his toady Postmaster General is helping him.

Yet another bad dude given a free pass by the Trump administration.

No, resisting “identity politics” is not the same as defying Hitler.

Remember the Portland slasher who bullied two Muslim women, then killed the guys who tried to defend them? He’s been convicted, and is still a white supremacist thug.

An Alabama Southern Baptist pastor said the invocation during an annual celebration of Klan founder Nathan Bedford Forest’s birthday. At Slacktivist, Fred Clark explains why the church seeking “a biblically based process to mitigate controversy surrounding this issue” is a bad idea.

Qualified immunity for cops who kill is a very bad idea. At the link, a judge rips into it (“Immunity is not exoneration.”).

Here’s a really bad idea: a church letting someone sexually attracted to children deal with his issues by working with children.

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