And lo, it came to pass as I had dreaded …

So I mentioned last week that the problem with doing extra Leaf articles (or any sort of immediate-income work) instead of personal projects is that “I’ll make up the personal work next week” never seems to work out. Sure enough, having done three extra last week (based on a standard of 10 articles) I wound up doing six extra this week. There were simply too many that looked like they’d be reasonably interesting and not too hard to do (the measure of “hard” is a mix of how easy it is to find good references and how complicated the topic is). So while I did finish Chapter Five of Undead Sexist Cliches, that was it for personal stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to get the $, particularly as I had a dentist’s visit and an unexpected medical bill from a couple of months back this week (they’d been dickering with the insurer without success). But I want to work on my own stuff too (I strike a dramatic pose: “What good is wealth if my creative spirit is slowly dying?”)!  But yes, having too much paying freelance work is very much a first-world problem in these days.

And I did find one amusing moment while working on an article about copyright: the U.S. Copyright Office FAQ Page actually answers the question “How do I protect my sighting of Elvis?

I also went to the dentist and holy crap, was that terrifying! Dr. Robinson (of New Smile Magic here in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill — she deserves a plug) takes great care to prevent any transmission, but getting my teeth cleaned — which I definitely needed or I wouldn’t have gone — requires much more close-up work than the other medical stuff I’ve done lately and I was not comfortable. Still with all the face shields and masks, I can’t think of any reason I’d have trouble. Hopefully I’m right. Oh, and my teeth are in way better shape than they used to be; aggressive cleaning and using a water pick seems to have turned the tide.

And that’s pretty much it. But I’ll throw in this striking cover for the novelization of a rather dreary (IIRC) film. Art is uncredited.


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