I feel vaguely guilty about disengaging

So I “took a break” from three people on FB recently. This doesn’t technically unfriend them, it simply blocks me from seeing their posts unless I visit their home page.

One of them, who regularly spews forth right-wing BLM Bad, Trump Good, Democrats Bad talking points had one of those shared posts I see a lot explaining how awesome Trump is. Don’t we realize he gets up before dawn and works until midnight, just for the good of America? Don’t we realize that becoming president cost him $2 billion (actually what he claims is not that he lost money but that he’d have made another $2 billion in private life — which is not true). How can we look at this old man and not respect him as we would our own grandfathers? And you know, if you overlook the fact neither of my grandfathers were narcissistic sociopaths, that’s a valid point.

The second one posted a similar rant, credited online to Steve Harvey (it’s actually an 80-year-old white dude). Followed by a swarm of comments from other readers (Bengazi! Socialism! Emails! Spying on Trump!).  The third specifically equated BLM to the KKK, because saying “police should not have a free pass to kill black people without penalty” is just like “black people must accept white domination or die!” I posted responses, politely, on all three, but then I took the break. I feel conflicted, because it feels like I should speak up when people spew this crap. But then again, it’s unlikely I’m going to change their minds, and other people’s right-wing FB posts is not the most effective way to make a difference. And if I respond to every single bit of bullshit, I’d feel like a troll.

Sometimes I’ve wondered if the people who post this nonsense aren’t trolling people like me. But Dahlia Lithwick, in reviewing Mary Trump’s book, suggests it’s the same thing that’s protected Trump his entire life: admitting they’ve sided with a narcissistic sociopath because of party or racism or misogyny or because Trump looked so kickass on The Apprentice is just too hard so they’ll persuade themselves and/or us that that’s totally not the case. They backed a winner!

Meanwhile the winner continues failing in the fight against the Trump Virus. New Zealand’s getting back to normal; we’re nowhere near it and we have many more deaths to come thanks to Trump and his party (unlike some nations, the thought of actually spending enough money to tide people over horrifies Republicans) Even though some of them are seeing the light it’s too late for forgiveness. If Trump is re-elected, his pandemic performance deserves being impeached again.

It’s not about our international standing, which is something I’ve seen articles bring up. Lots of nations that are not power players on the world stage do a good job taking care of their people. But Republicans, from Trump to Moscow Mitch to Gov. Kemp, are failing at that too. It was thinking about the sheer scope of this disaster, all the wasted and ruined lives and the wasted time … I just couldn’t deal with the bullshit, and I hate shouting obscenities. So I left.


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2 responses to “I feel vaguely guilty about disengaging

  1. Nothing to feel guilty about. If there was a reasonable chance to have an informed discussion with people like that, it would be different. But that ain’t gonna happen, so best to just step back sometimes.

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