I drink Trump’s tears like a fine wine

Apparently he’s feeling pretty damn crappy because he built the greatest economy we’ve ever had, re-election was a slam dunk and then the Trump Virus came along spoiled everything! As if that wasn’t delusional enough, he keeps bringing up the he (allegedly) aced his test for dementia as if that was an accomplishment. Dude, if you feel the need to emphasize that, it’s not a good sign.

But if Trump’s miserable, I’m at least a little bit happy. His administration has reduced Immigration’s printing capability so thousands of immigrants who’ve earned green cards, and paid the relevant fees aren’t getting their cards. Documents they’re required to have at all times. Wouldn’t you know when this administration does something clever, it would have to be evil as well? But it fits with Trump’s vision for the election: as he doesn’t have the brains to fight the pandemic, he’s running on racism as that’s his happy place. He sure can’t run on the economy.

And along with ignoring the Russian bounties on US soldiers, Putin’s Poodle encouraged the CIA to give Russia intel in return for … nothing. Interesting, given he generally obsesses about how our actual allies are, in his view, taking advantage of us.

Meanwhile, swimming in Trump’s wake, we have the QAnon believers trying to win elected office. Like I said last week, this is a bad thing. The pandemic is also stoking militant extremism. And Trump dismissing the virus as a serious threat for so long has just encouraged his followers to do the same. The Texas Lt. Gov., who claims he’s willing to die to keep the economy open, has now decided he knows more about COVID-19 than Dr. Fauci. Fox News bigot Laura Ingraham insists Fauci’s trying to help Democrats. Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs says that as Fauci insists on contradicting Trump, the president should disband the task force.

November can’t come soon enough.


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