Conservatives handling setbacks with great rationality and composure

For example self-proclaimed Christian prophet Mark Taylor, who hand-waves away some recent lynchings: clearly a bunch of black men hung themselves, committing suicide to further the revolution!

If you think Trump sounds like an idiot, you’re wrong: “Every tweet, every misspelling, every typo, every strange capitalization—especially the capitalizations, says Dave—has meaning. ‘The truth is right there in what the media think are his mistakes. He doesn’t make mistakes.’ The message of the shirt to Dave is: Study the layers. ‘Trump is known as a five-dimension chess player.’ No, Trump couldn’t play chess in two dimensions, let alone five.

Wannabe-theocrat Sen. Josh Hawley thinks the reason for the recent Supreme Court vote on gay & trans rights is that Christians don’t speak up for their rights. That’s true, they’ve never said one word about oppressing gays and denying them equal rights in all the years … I’ll come in again. Meanwhile, right-wing pundits try to explain how this decision will have horrible consequences, just like gay marriage!

“Rich people are accustomed to having life organized to guarantee that they never suffer.” — Steve M. on why Trump and his fellow millionaires are so willing to open the economy.

As the BLM and other protests spread, right-winger become more belligerent. And more violent.

See Trump stand up to Chinese tyranny! And continue worrying about the threat of everyone voting.

Anti-Muslim bigot John Guandolo pretends that protests against the Minneapolis police can only lead to Islamic sharia policing!

A minister says that rather than talk about white privilege we should discuss the “white blessing” of slavery. At the link, Libby Ann discusses why that’s a bad thing, even if he’s sincere. More from her here.

Trump’s solution to his tanking poll numbers: whine about fake news and claim he’s clearly the front-runner.

Rep. Matt Gaetz claims that as Ron Perlman plays a white supremacist on TV, he’s clearly not woke! At the link, Perlman swats Gaetz down like a bug.

An Arizona legislator has a simple solution to police brutality: stop people recording it.

Perhaps it’s understandable. As Libby Anne says, this is the Bizarro version of the end times the religious right has expected: “White American Christians weren’t supposed to end up in charge; they were supposed to be persecuted. Chaos was not supposed to result from white evangelicals’ suppression of minority groups’ protests against police violence and strong-arm government tactics; absent a pre-tribulation rapture, chaos was supposed to erupt as white evangelicals found themselves herded into camps in the face of emerging new dictatorial and oppressive government regimes.”

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