Trump is not manly (and other links)

I’m not a fan of men having to live up to some code of conduct to prove their manliness. However a lot of people do idealize old-school manliness — be honorable, stoic, work hard — so why do they think Trump’s a real man when he’s a whining, petulant man-baby who won’t take responsibility for anything?  Comments at the link focus on racism, but I think misogyny’s at least as much the issue. Trump’s a guy who treats women like shit even when he’s not assaulting them and he never pays a price for it; for guys who value male supremacy, that’s pretty appealing. And also, they love that he’s vicious. Which he is because one of his driving needs is the urge to dominate: “This explains why Trump felt no compunction about lashing out this week at a frequent critic, Joe Scarborough, by falsely accusing him of murder, even in the absence of a shred of evidence to support his claim. Cruelty is second nature to Trump.”

Republicans are so nervous about mail-in voting increasing the turnout (more voters is worse for them) that they’re suing California to stop it.

Adam Smith, the husband of the “reopen NC” leader, says he’s willing to kill people to make it happen. Justified because New World Order! And anti-maskers are now claiming dubious medical necessity reasons for not wearing.

If you’ve seen reports saying doctors think social distancing is worse than the disease, they may be biased. So are claims Congress can’t empower executive branch agencies to draft regulations.

Some branches of Planned Parenthood got stimulus money. Cue the right-wing freakout.

Some anti-gay members of the religious right see helping their neighbors during the pandemic as a way to win converts.

“Under conditions of uncertainty, information that helps direct our negative emotions toward a target is psychologically comforting.”— a look at how conspiracy theories blaming someone for our problems can make it easier to live with them.

One reason Trump’s so angry at China: he’s been showering their leaders with praise (““China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency … I want to thank President Xi!”)

Our government played a major role in developing one drug treatment for the Trump Virus. But they’ve done nothing to prevent the manufacturer from charging huge fees for treatment. This is a common issue: drug companies defend high prices by pointing out the demands of research and ignoring federal support.

Black entrepreneurs use their office-building’s gym. So a man calls the cops on them.

Hertz is going bankrupt. You might think leadership’s at fault or that the company should be careful with its money, but instead Hertz paid its top execs $16 million in bonuses. Meanwhile, two-thirds of its 21,000 employees were laid off.

A Pennsylvania Republican tested positive for the Trump virus. Other Republicans knew but kept meeting with Democratic colleagues anyway.

Houses of worship want to reopen, but they don’t know how to do it safely.

Conservative evangelical Eric Metaxas insists Christianity is anti-racist, but can’t walk the walk. Jerry Falwell Jr. ain’t even trying.

And for no particular reason, I’ll close with a photo I took of a thistle.

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