Even in a pandemic, Republicans gotta be scum

Case in point, Republicans in Kentucky overrode the Dem governor’s veto and now require photo ID voting. But the offices for getting a photo ID are currently closed; funny how that works out. Oh, and the Trump Virus relief bill has some hidden provision to benefit the rich. The USPS, meanwhile, may run out of money because Republicans hate funding it (speculation on the reasons here).  Of course, Republicans have been trying for years to gut the government and Trump Virus is the result.

And we still have Republicans, such as Rep. Trey Hollingsworth, who figure it’s worth millions dying if the rich don’t lose money. Why yes, he is rich. While I know disease is not a judgment from god, I really would derive a shameful pleasure from seeing Hollingsworth and the others who make this argument come down with a bad Trump Virus case. A standard argument against stay-in-place is that we didn’t do it for Ebola or SARs, so it’s all political. But those diseases were either harder to spread or less lethal. And it seems the protests we’ve seen against Democratic pro-quarantine governors were coordinated by conservative groups, not spontaneous uprisings (more here). Small wonder judges such as Justin Walker figure deranged rants passing as judicial opinions are a good way to get noticed.

Trump lies a lot. He was on the Trump Virus from day one! We don’t need lots more testing because everyone’s getting better. His small-business pandemic loan program is cumbersome and slow. But hey, the administration paid $55 million for N95 masks to a bankrupt company with no relevant experience. And Vince McMahon, wrestling kingpin, is on the recovery team. No wonder states are searching for their own solutions. Of course, while Trump can’t force governors to reopen their states, he can withhold resources to pressure them. But even if they submit, I could see him refusing out of spite. Ditto him shutting down Congress to get some executive-branch positions filled, though as explained at the link, it wouldn’t benefit him much.

Meanwhile, Republicans continue to pretend they care about the federal deficit and a lack of civility in politics.

In other COVID news:

A post I’ve seen pasted and shared on FB claims that yeah, Trump may be crude and loud but he’s doing a fantastic job! Asking the right questions! Listening to the experts! All of which is a lie. To everyone posting a parroting that crap: you voted for Trump. You still support Trump. You helped break the country. Own it.

Billionaire Tilman Fertitta says he did the 45,000 workers he laid off a favor, because they’ll get unemployment that much quicker. With $4.8 billion, he could have given every one of them $50,000 and he’d still be a billionaire.

The Florida nursing home industry would like the governor to ban negligence lawsuits against them during this terrible and trying time.

Jim Bakker’s ministry is apparently floundering due to increasing troubles over pushing a quack Trump Virus cure. A bishop who refused to stay in place and boasted about preaching to packed pews is dead of COVID-19. Several more thoughtful Christian leaders reflect on Easter in a time of plague.

I keep seeing conservatives argue that as we didn’t shut down the country for SARS or MERS or swine flu, that proves the shutdowns are political! No, it’s because those disease either didn’t spread as easily or weren’t as lethal.

Food-delivery services struggle to cope with surging demand.

The far right and radical Islam are using the Trump virus to push their own agendas. Mike Pompeo is just as keen to push extremist Christianity. And abusers staying in place have easy access to their victims. Meanwhile, criminals and drug cartels are enforcing quarantines and distancing at the point of a gun.

My fellow Atomic Junkshop blogger, Greg Hatcher, blogs about his frightening situation.

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